What does a blue number plate mean in Uganda?

These are used by diplomats in Uganda and they have a white background with blue characters. They are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What does a blue number plate mean?

Blue Plate: A blue number plate is found on a vehicle that is used by foreign representatives. You will find carts of this colour number plate for easy viewing in cities like Delhi. The blue plate states that the vehicle belongs to the foreign embassy, ​​or to the UN mission.

What does red number plate mean in Uganda?

Uganda Government vehicles are written with red paint on a yellow/orange or white background. They all start with UG, followed by a number number finally a letter code to identify the ministry, department, or agency.

Which country has blue number plates?

Bosnia and Herzegovina issues plates with a blue strip on the left side of the plate with the country code (BIH), but without the EU-stars or any other symbol. So does Turkey (TR) (which is in a customs union with the EU), Montenegro (MNE), North Macedonia (NMK) and Serbia (SRB).

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What Colour are number plates?

These plates are black in colour and feature the index marks in either white or silver. Cars that are 40 years in age or older are afforded several allowances, such as no annual MOT tests, but they are also allowed to legally use older styles of plates that differ from the yellow and white plates more commonly seen.

What is IND in number plate?

“IND” is an acronym of India. Many vehicles have a special type of embossed number plates on which IND is written with a hologram. … These plates provide vehicle-owners security against theft or misuse by terrorists.

In Karnataka, blank, A, B, C, D is used for commercial vehicles; T for tractors and trailers; E, H, J, K, L, Q, R, S, U, V, W, X, Y for two wheelers; M, N, P, Z for private passenger vehicles. G is used for Government Vehicles and F is used for KSRTC/NWKRTC/NEKRTC/BMTC buses.

How long does it take to get a number plate in Uganda?

Make payment for printing the number (make sure that a receipt is given and as well be told the day when your registration number plates will be ready for collection usually a period that will be between 6 hours to one full day);

What is the latest number plate?

The new “20” number plate designs will feature on all new cars registered after March 2020 and will ru up to August. After this date new vehicles will be given a “70” number plate design with a “21” plate set to launch in March 2021.

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How much is a private number plate in Uganda?

Personalised Number Plates

At the first time registration, one pays the registration fees as shown above in the table depending on the vehicle and in addition, also pays the fee for the personalised plates which are 20,000,000 for motor vehicles or 1,500,000 million for motorcycles.

Which countries have black number plates?

Afghanistan – these number plates are black with white Arabic lettering and the country’s Emblem displayed on the left hand side of the plate. China – uses both English and Chinese script to mark the plates, a symbol marks the province of issue followed by a letter and five digits.

Why are number plates yellow?

Yellow was chosen because it provides the biggest colour contrast, after white, with the black lettering. French vehicles used to have yellow plates at the back as well, until the registration system changed in 2009. Since then both front and rear plates have been white with black lettering.

Which country has a green number plate?

The registration plates of cars in Norway is maintained by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Are 4D number plates being banned?

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has updated the technical standards for number plates in the UK. This means that 3D Gel and 4D number plates will be banned.

Are 4D plates being made illegal?

In a response to a Government petition to stop the ban of 3D/4D number plates [2], the Department for Transport has clarified the position – as long as 3D gel and 4D laser cut letters meet the requirements of the current standard, BSAU 145d, then they are legal and would not need to be changed after September, when the …

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Are number plates with Colour illegal?

You cannot have any colour other than white, yellow, or black on a number plate. Some companies have been seen to falsely promote their 4D coloured crystal number plates as road legal, however this is not the case and could result in trouble with the Road Traffic Policing teams!

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