What is black plum called in Igbo?

Vitex doniana sweet or Black plum or Dinya (Hausa) or Oori nla (Yoruba) or Ucha koro (Igbo): A very useful plant under threat of extinction Vitex…

What is black plum called in Nigeria?

Many people in Nigeria refer to these fruits as Nigerian plum or hog plum. However, in the local Nigerian tribes, it is called Iyeye or Ebo in Yoruba, Ngulungu in Igbo and Isada in Hausa. The fruit is said to have medicinal uses, but the health benefits of Nigerian plum should be known by everyone.

What is the Igbo name of plum?

The fruit Plum is called as plọm in Igbo . The fruit Watermelon is called as Anyụ in Igbo . Mint leaf, Yoruba name= Ewo Robb. Icheku (nkwa -Umuahia.

What is Mbembe?

The fruits (mbembe) are oblong drupe 2-3cm long, green when immature, turning purplish-black on ripening. They are usually eaten as snack either fresh or dried, and have a sweet prune-like taste with velvet-like texture.

What is Dinya in English?

Hausa: ‘Dinya. Kanuri: Ngaribi. English: Black Plum.

What are the benefits of black plums?

Plums and prunes are rich in antioxidants, which are helpful for reducing inflammation and protecting your cells from damage by free radicals. They are particularly high in polyphenol antioxidants, which have positive effects on bone health and may help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes ( 8 ).

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What is edible part of black plum?

The fruits can be eaten raw or cooked, or made into a jam or wine. A syrup can be made from the pulp of the fruit which can be used as a nutritive sweeten. Young twigs and leaves are consumed as a vegetable. Leaves can be pounded and added to warm filtered grain beer and then drunk.

What is the Igbo name for banana?

List of Fruit Name in Igbo Language

Fruit Name in English Fruit Name in Igbo
Banana Unere
Blueberry Bluberị
Cantaloupe Kantalup
Coconut Akụ oyibo

What is jackfruit called in Nigeria?

Treculia africana is a species of tree known in English as African breadfruit (Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, USA), breadfruit (Nigeria), wild jackfruit (Tanzania, Uganda), and African boxwood (Malawi). Many names are given to this species in the Igbo language in southern Nigeria, but the most common is ukwa.

What is Almond called in Nigeria?

Yoruba Name For Almonds – Ofio

These delicious nuts are now popular in the southwest region of Nigeria, and many Yorubas are trying to know the Yoruba Name For Almond. Well, the Yoruba Name For Almonds is simply Ofio.

What is the Igbo name of Apple?

Names of fruits in Igbo Language: Banana – Unere Mushroom – Ero Water melon – Anyụ mmiri Groundnut – Ahụekere Pineapple – Nkwụaba Coconut – Aki oyibo Apple – Achicha Paw paw – Mbukpa Tomato – Otuboala African star apple – Udara Plantain – Ojoko Velvet tamarind – Ịcheku …

Do cherries grow in Nigeria?

African Cherry (Agbalumo, Udara)

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Local to Nigeria, it is the exotic fruit which has a chewable edible skin that ranges in color from green to orange, depending on the stage of ripeness.

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