What is Ghana O level?

What is GCE O level in Ghana?

Graduates were awarded the West African School Certificate (WASC) and the General Certificate of Education (GCE) at the Ordinary (“O”) level.

What is an O level equivalent to?

The O-Level and CSE were replaced in the United Kingdom in 1988 by the GCSE and later complementary IGCSE exams. The Scottish equivalent was the O-grade (replaced, following a separate process, by the Standard Grade).

What is difference between O level and A level?

What is the difference between O level and A level examinations? … Similarly, the O level examinations (ordinary level) signify the end of students’ secondary education and the A level examinations (advanced level) signify the end of junior college.

What is GCE Ghana?

General Certificate of Education (GCE). Your GCE results must include five (5) subjects or more of which at least two (2) must be at the advanced level.

What is 11th grade in Ghana?

Top Four Stages Of Formal Education

Year Age School
Grade/Year 9 14–15 Junior Secondary
Grade/Year 10 15–16 Senior Secondary
Grade/Year 11 16–17
Grade/Year 12 17–18
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What means O level?

1 : the lowest of three levels of standardized British examinations in a secondary school subject also : successful completion of an O-level examination in a particular subject. — called also Ordinary level. — compare a level, s level.

What is the passing mark for O level?

A grade of C6 or better is considered an O-level pass. Obtaining a pass in one or more subjects will lead to a Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level).

How long do O levels last?

Duration. In the majority of school in Pakistan, O-levels is 03 Years program. It starts from Grade 9 and ends in Grade 11.

What age do you do O levels?

Students take the O-Levels after completing Secondary 4 at age 16 for the Special and Express streams, or Secondary 5 at age 17 for the Normal Academic Stream.

Is matric easy or O level?


The syllabus for Matriculation is considered to be very simple in comparison to O Levels. O level is recognized globally. The Matric students face difficulties in applying for further education in foreign countries, as it is a local certificate.

Do O levels still exist?

The GCE Ordinary Level (known as the O-Level) was abolished in 1987 and replaced by the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The change was made to create a national qualification for those who wanted to leave school at 16 without attempting A-levels or pursuing a university education.

Is O level high school?

GCE O Levels and A Levels

In the GCE, O Levels is equivalent to the first two years of high school, i.e. 9th and 10th class. In other words, the completion of O Levels is considered to be the equivalent of completing 10th class. In Pakistan, O Levels are usually split into two years, known as O1 and O2.

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How many people in Ghana are educated?

The adult literacy rate in Ghana was 79.04% in 2018, with males at 78.3% and females at 65.3%. Ghana’s rapid shift from an informal economy to a formal economy made education an important political objective.

What is high school diploma in Ghana?

Education System in Ghana

Primary Primary School 6
Secondary Senior High School 3
Post-secondary Professional Health Sciences 6
Tertiary First Level- Diplomas/Certificates 2
Tertiary Higher National Diploma 3

When did sixth form end in Ghana?

The 1987 official education policy of Ghana defines basic education as six years of primary and three years of junior secondary school. Children enter school at the age of six and are automatically promoted until the end of the JSS, at which time they take their first external examinations.

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