What is Hunteria Umbellata called in Yoruba?

Hunteria umbellata (HU) K. Kchum (Apocynaceae) is a small tree of about 15-22 m in height with a dense evergreen crown (Oliver, 1986). It is found in rain forest zone of the southern part of Nigeria where it bears such local names as Osu (Edo), Erin (Yoruba) and Nkpokiri (Ibo) (Boone, 2006).

What is the English name for Hunteria Umbellata?

Hunteria umbellata (K. Schum.) Hallier f. (locally known as “Abeere”) (family: Apocynaceae) is tropical rainforest tree which is popularly used for the local management of diabetes mellitus and obesity (Adegoke and Alo, 1986; Falodun et al., 2006; Adeneye and Adeyemi, 2009a).

What is Hunteria Umbellata used for?

Its numerous local medicinal uses include for fever, leprosy sores, stomach and liver problems and as an anthelmintic, especially against internal worms. Hunteria umbellata has been used as arrow poison. The plant’s hard wood is used in carving and to make small tools.

What is the use of abere seed?

Please Type in Primeoja on youtube to see how this is used. This seeds contains antibacterial properties that protect the body from bacteria attack. It regulates blood pressure and inhibits the risk of high blood pressure.

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What are the benefits of abere?

Its medicinal uses for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes against several ailments and diseases such as anemia, tuberculosis, diabetes, ulcer, hypertension, asthma, circulatory diseases, kidney diseases and stomach disorders have been established (Omole and Kehinde, 2005; Abere and Lameed, 2008) .

What is English name of abere?

April 12, 2019 · This seed is called Abere in Yoruba name, why in English is called Hunteria umbellata seed.

Which fruit is called OSU in Benin?

Hunteria umbellata K. Schum (Apocynaceae) is a shrub about 15-22 m tall growing throughout west and central Africa. In southern Nigeria it is called “osu” (Edo), “nkpokiri” (Ibo), and “erin” (Yoruba).

What is Bara and abere?

Baradari also Bara Dari (Urdu: بارہ دری ‎) is a building or pavilion with twelve doors designed to allow free flow of air. The root of this plant is used to treat uterine diseases. Find the travel option that best suits you. The most Abere families were found in Canada in 1911.

What is Abeere?

Abeere is the Yoruba name for Huntaria umbellata seed. The plant grows well in West Africa and it belongs to the family Apocy-naceae.

What is the Igbo name for abere seed?

It is called abere or arin in Yoruba, osu in Edo and nkpokiri in Igbo.

What is Aworoso English?

penduliflorus (family: Euphorbiaceae) is an important medicinal plant in southern Nigeria where it is known as aworoso by the Yorubas. It is extensively used as a remedy for several stomach complaints including constipation (Adesogan, 1981).

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How do you use abere powder?

If you want a fast Sugar drop buy our diabetes packet on Primeoja OR buy the Abere Powder add a half teaspoon into the water extracted from the seed (Like you are adding milk to a tea) and drink, It will drop it FAST.

Where is abere seed gotten from?

The seeds of H. umbellata were gotten from Ikorodu market in Lagos State, Nigeria and authenticated by Miss Shokefun, a botanist from the Department of Science Laboratory Technology (Environmental Biology Unit), Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu, Lagos-Nigeria.

How do abere seeds help fibroids?

It has been shown to be able to shrink certain small intramural and subserous fibroids. You may steep a teaspoon of Abere seeds in hot boiled water. Fibroids feed upon estrogen and excessive estrogen will allow the fibroid tumors to increase in size as well as worsen the various symptoms of uterine fibroids.

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