What is June 12 all about in Nigeria?

What happened on June 12th in Nigeria?

Democracy Day is June 12, a national public (bank) holiday in Nigeria. … These were done to commemorate the democratic election of MKO Abiola on June 12, 1993, in what has been adjudged to be Nigeria’s freest and fairest elections. It was, however, cancelled by the Ibrahim Babangida Junta.

Who is MKO Abiola?

Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, also known as M. K. O. Abiola GCFR (24 August 1937 – 7 July 1998) was a Nigerian businessman, publisher, and politician. He was the Aare Ona Kankafo XIV of Yorubaland and an aristocrat of the Egba clan.

Which electoral body conducted the June 12 1993 election?

Nwosu conducted the 12 June 1993 election, which was seen as the freest and fairest election to date, in which Chief Moshood Abiola was presumed to have won. Nwosu’s commission introduced the novel Option A4 voting system and the Open ballot system.

How was MKO Abiola killed?

, Абуджа, Нигерия

What happened in Nigeria June 12 1993?

Presidential elections were held in Nigeria on 12 June 1993, the first since the 1983 military coup ended the country’s Second Republic. The elections were the outcome of a transitional process to civilian rule spearheaded by the military ruler, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB).

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What is the significance of June?

June contains the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day with the most daylight hours, and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the day with the fewest daylight hours (excluding polar regions in both cases).

At what age did MKO Abiola died?

60 years (1937–1998)

Who really killed MKO Abiola?

At the trial the self-confessed killer, Sergeant Barnabas Jabila, said he was obeying orders from his superior, al-Mustapha. On 30 June 2012 Hamza Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Lateef Shofolahan were sentenced to be hanged for the murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola.

Where was Abiola killed?

July 7, 1998, Abuja, Nigeria

Which party won the presidential election in 1999?

These were the first elections since the 1993 military coup, and the first elections of the Fourth Nigerian Republic. The result was a victory for Olusegun Obasanjo of the People’s Democratic Party, who defeated Olu Falae, who was running on a joint Alliance for Democracy-All People’s Party ticket.

What is Option A4?

In modern times, the open ballot, also known as Option A4, was first adopted in the Third Nigerian Republic during the 1993 Nigerian presidential election, an election widely considered by Nigerians as the freest and fairest in the country’s political history.

In the 1988 presidential election, Republican Vice President George H. W. Bush defeated Democratic Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts. Bush won the popular vote by just under eight points, and won 426 of the 538 electoral votes.

How old is MKO Abiola?

60 years (1937–1998)

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Is MKO Abiola alive?

Deceased (1937–1998)

Is Abiola dead?

Deceased (1937–1998)

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