What is kangaroo in Igbo language?

What is kangaroo in Igbo?

English to Igbo Meaning :: kangaroo

Kangaroo : kangaruu.

What is the English name of Utobo?

Hippopotamus = Utobo/Akum.

What is the Igbo name for Tiger?

Mini Igbo Language Lesson – Today’s Igbo Word is Agụ (Tiger)

What is the meaning of MKPI?


Acronym Definition
MKPI Mindaugo Kilikeviciaus Personaline Imone (Lithuania)

How can I learn Igbo?


  1. Identify high and low tones in speech. Pronounce the high tone with your tongue bent towards the roof of your mouth, such as when you say “rule” in English. …
  2. Listen to native speakers. Simply listening to spoken Igbo may be the best way to understand the tonal structure of the language.

What is the Igbo name for eagle?

Ugochukwu is an Igbo name.


Gender Male
Word/name Igbo/Anioma
Meaning God’s Eagle (Crown of God) Honour Bestowed Upon Me By Almighty God
Region of origin eastern Nigeria

What is the meaning of Utobo in Igbo?

79) Hippopotamus — Utobo/Akum. 80) Iguana — Ngwele aghu. Egret [Chekeleke] 81) Tilapia — Azu asa. 82) Eel — Ebi Iyi.

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What is the Igbo name of lion and tiger?

There is just little understanding of Igbo origins and names of the feline (cat species) animals. You hear all manner of names that contradict biogeography. Like, “agụ is lion, andọdụm is tiger”. Or, “agụ is lion, and leopard is edi abalị”.

Is AGU lion in Igbo?

The common Igbo phrase; Odum n’egbu Agu, translates to Lion that kill Leopard. Some contemporary Igbos will argue that “Agu” is Tiger but Tigers are not native to Africa. The translators of the Bible righty translated “Lion of the tribe of Judea” (Revelation 5:5) to “Odum ebo Judea”, in the Igbo bible (Nkpughe 5:5).

Who is the strongest tiger or lion?

The conservation charity Save China’s Tigers stated “Recent research indicates that the tiger is indeed stronger than the lion in terms of physical strength. Lions hunt in prides, so it would be in a group and the tiger as a solitary creature so it would be on its own.

Which animal is called EDI in Igbo language?

The African civet is nocturnal and spends most part of the day sleeping. This is why it is called “edi abali”. The civet has a distinctive marking. It has a dense greyish fur covered in patches of black and white.

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