What is land registration in Ghana?

The Land Title Registration was introduced in Ghana by the promulgation of the Land Title Registration Law 1986 (PNDCL. 152) and the Land Title Regulation, 1986 L.I. 1241. It is to provide a machinery for the registration of title to land and interests in land.

How much does it cost to register land in Ghana?

The fee for publication is GHC 25 for land the size of 0.25 acres or less. Where the Land Certificate is urgently required, the applicant has the option to choose what is known as “special publication”. In that case, the amount payable is GHC 95.

What happens after land registry?

After your property has been registered at the Land Registry, your solicitor sends you the following: Title deeds; OR. Title Information Document which is a snapshot of information the Land Registry holds about the property (previously called Official Copies); AND. SDLT5 as evidence that the Stamp Duty has been paid.

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How long does land registration take in Ghana?

How long does the process take? The process may take up to a year or more. 6. How much does it cost to register land in Ghana?

What is the effect of land registration?

Registration creates a clear record of ownership which clearly sets out any matters that affect the property, such as rights of way and restrictive covenants. Registration provides greater protection against claims for ‘Adverse Possession’, more commonly known as squatting and makes them easier to defeat.

Where do I register my land in Ghana?

Land Title Registration: The Lands Commission is mandated by law to register lands in the country. A Land Title Registration starts with Stamp Duty payment. The application should be made to the Customer Service and Access Unit (CSAU) of the Commission in the regional capital of the region where the land is situated.

Can foreigners buy land in Ghana?

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Ghana.

Are deeds and land registry the same?

But what actually are title deeds? Answer: If title to a property is registered at HM Land Registry, then the title deeds comprise an official copy of the Title Register and Title Plan, and copies of any documents mentioned in the Title Register that have been filed at the Land Registry.

What happens if the Land Registry makes a mistake?

If your name has been spelled incorrectly on the register or your address details are incorrect, this is a relatively minor error which fortunately can be easily rectified. In most cases, the Land Registry will rectify this free of charge.

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Do you need a solicitor to transfer property?

Transferring ownership (equity) in a property is a legal process. This process is normally completed by a conveyancing solicitor. Transferring equity is usually a quick and inexpensive process. The process can sometimes be more involved, especially when there is a mortgage on the property.

Is it compulsory to register land?

The Land Registration Act 2002 replaced the 1925 Act, greatly increasing the triggers for compulsory registration. All land bought, sold, gifted or mortgaged must now be registered at the Land Registry. If you have owned your home from before 1990, and not taken a mortgage since, your property may not be registered.

Who owns Ghana land?

In Ghana approximately 80% of land is held under customary tenure regimes, and the State officially owns 20% of all land. Customary rules apply in both urban and rural settings.

How do I get a site plan in Ghana?

In Ghana the Site plan must be prepared by a licensed surveyor by the Survey Department of the Lands Commission of Ghana. The plan should be able to tell who the owners are and where they are located. You are not supposed to pay for the land before getting hold of the site plan for search and verification.

What are effects of registration?

Effect of Registration of a Company

A registered company can exercise all functions of a company incorporated under the Act. Also, the company has perpetual succession with power to acquire, hold, and dispose of property of all forms. Also, it can contract, sue and be sued by the said name.

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What does it mean when land is registered?

Land registration occurs when the land is officially developed. At this point the lots of land are ready to be built on or can be sold on to other owners. This is why you often only have to pay a deposit on the land until such time that it registers because up until that point, you can’t do anything with it.

When did compulsory land registration start?

Land registration was first introduced to England and Wales by legislation of 1862 and 1875. Those Acts provided only for voluntary registration of title, and few titles were registered until the Land Transfer Act 1897 made registration of title compulsory in dealings with land in the County of London.

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