What is NPF in Mauritius?

Contributions to the NPF are payable by the employer at 6% of cash remuneration, up to a maximum remuneration of MUR 18,740 per month. Employees contribute to the NPF at 3%, subject to a maximum amount of MUR 562 per month.

How is lump sum calculated in Mauritius?

If the insured is aged 52 to 60 with a total disability, he or she may opt for a lump-sum payment instead of monthly payments. The lump sum is the insured’s average annual earnings multiplied by the number of years of contributions, up to eight years.

How is PAYE calculated in Mauritius?

The amount of tax to be withheld from the emoluments of each pay period is calculated on a cumulative basis by cumulating both the emoluments and total exemptions and reliefs (total deductions) pertaining to the current and previous pay periods in the income year concerned.

When did Mauritius pension start?

That the Government of Mauritius provides nearly every resident over the age of 60 with a non-contributory, basic pension is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. The scheme dates from 1950 and became universal in 1958, following abolition of a means test.

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What is the retirement age in Mauritius?

The retirement age is being gradually increased from 60 years in 2008 to 65 years in 2018 for civil service and private occupational pensions, which are managed by the National Pension Fund (NPF).

How can I retire in Mauritius?

Residence Permit for Retirement in Mauritius

  1. Be 50 years old and above.
  2. Show evidence of the initial transfer of USD 2,500 into the local bank account when applying for the Residence Permit.
  3. Effectuate a transfer of at least USD 120,000 over three years into the local bank account.


How much is the old age pension in Mauritius?

Basic old-age pension (universal): 5,450 rupees a month is paid if aged 60 to 89; 15,450 rupees if aged 90 to 99; and 20,450 rupees if aged 100 or older.

What’s a good salary in Mauritius?

Average Salary / Mauritius. Average salary in Mauritius is 1,090,107 MUR per year. The most typical earning is 278,251 MUR.

Do you pay tax in Mauritius?

Basis – Mauritius residents are taxed on Mauritius-source income and foreign income remitted to Mauritius. Nonresidents are taxed only on Mauritius-source income. … Rates – The standard rate is 15%, but a reduced rate of 10% applies to individuals whose annual net income does not exceed MUR 650,000.

What is minimum wage in Mauritius?

The minimum wage in Mauritius has been raised with effect from 1 January 2020. The new minimum wage rate is 9000 Mauritius rupees for export workers and 9700 rupees for non-export workers. Workers also have access to additional remuneration which is 1200 rupees for export workers and 500 rupees for non-export workers.

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How much is state pension in Mauritius?

Basic pensions increased to Rs 9,000 from 01 December 2019

Monthly old age basic pension (BRP) as follows: 60 to 89 years – from Rs6,210 to Rs9,000; 90 to 99 years – from Rs16,210 to Rs16,710; and Centenarians – from Rs21,210 to Rs21,710.

What is the national pension fund?

What is National Pension System (NPS)?› … The scheme allows subscribers to contribute regularly in a pension account during their working life. On retirement, subscribers can withdraw a part of the corpus in a lumpsum and use the remaining corpus to buy an annuity to secure a regular income after retirement.

Can I take my pension at 55 and still work?

The short answer is yes. These days, there is no set retirement age. You can carry on working for as long as you like, and can also access most private pensions at any age from 55 onwards – in a variety of different ways. You can also draw your state pension while continuing to work.

How many years of service is required for full pension?

The minimum eligibility period for receipt of pension is 10 years. A Central Government servant retiring in accordance with the Pension Rules is entitled to receive pension on completion of at least 10 years of qualifying service.

What is CSG in Mauritius?

CSG is Contribution Sociale Généralisée as payable under the National Pension Act by every participant and every employer of a participant, as applicable.

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