What is rural area in Nigeria?

Nigeria for instance, a single criterion of population. size obtained through census is still being used to. define rural areas. Accordingly, the Nigeria 1991. population census defines a rural area as a settlement with <20,000 inhabitants.

How much of Nigeria is rural?

Rural population (% of total population) in Nigeria was reported at 48.84 % in 2019, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

What is rural and urban area?

An urban area is the region surrounding a city. … Rural areas are the opposite of urban areas. Rural areas, often called “the country,” have low population density and large amounts of undeveloped land. Usually, the difference between a rural area and an urban area is clear.

Is Nigeria rural or urban?

Despite erratic economic growth patterns, Nigeria is one of the most urbanized countries in sub Saharan Africa (World Bank 2010). Between 1960 and 2009, the urban share of total population increased dramatically from about 16.2 to 49.1 percent.

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What is called rural area?

In general, a rural area or a countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities.

What is the population of rural area?

India rural population for 2019 was 895,386,226, a 0.34% increase from 2018. India rural population for 2018 was 892,321,651, a 0.39% increase from 2017. India rural population for 2017 was 888,869,466, a 0.44% increase from 2016.

What is the population of Nigeria in 2025?

All figures have been estimated. In 2019, the total population of Nigeria amounted to approximately 200.96 million inhabitants.

Nigeria: Total population from 2016 to 2026 (in million inhabitants)

Characteristic Inhabitants in millions
2026 239.07
2025 233.34
2024 227.71
2023 222.18

What is an example of a rural area?

A rural area is an open swath of land that has few homes or other buildings, and not very many people. … Agriculture is the primary industry in most rural areas. Most people live or work on farms or ranches. Hamlets, villages, towns, and other small settlements are in or surrounded by rural areas.

What are the types of rural communities?


  • 1 Academic Communities.
  • 2 Area Trade-Centers.
  • 3 Exurbs.
  • 4 Government Centers.
  • 5 Recreation Communities.
  • 6 Retirement Communities.
  • 8 External links.

What is the difference between rural and urban society?

Rural society was one which has not industrialized, whereas present day urban society is highly urbanized and industrialized. 1. Life in the society was very simple and reflected in the way of living, dressing, food habits, shelter and manners etc. Life in the city is not simple but very complex and complicated.

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What are the problems of rural areas in Nigeria?

Rural areas are regarded as abodes of diseases, superstition, poverty, lethargy, low income and low productivity. This problem, which is primarily due to government non sustainable policy action towards rural transformation, is responsible for the poor state of affairs among rural dwellers in Nigeria.

What are the characteristics of a rural area?

They have many general characteristics, such as:

  • A small population size.
  • A generally low population density.
  • A smaller choice when it comes to shopping, medical services, and so on.
  • A lower cost of living.
  • Lower wages and more poverty.
  • Lots of nature and natural resources, farming, and ranch land; and.
  • An aging population.

What does compound mean in Nigeria?

Rural settlement

Each compound houses a man, his immediate family, and some relatives. A number of compounds make up the village, usually inhabited by people claiming a common ancestor—often the founder of the village. Nigeria: Urban-rural Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

What defines rural?

The Census Bureau defines rural as any population, housing, or territory NOT in an urban area. The green area on the map to the right represents all the area in the United States that is classified as rural based on this definition. The Census Bureau’s rural definition is closely tied to the urban definition.

What is rural life?

The term “rural life” broadly describes the lifestyle of residents of nonurban areas, defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as small towns and country areas with populations less than 2,500. …

What’s the meaning of rural?

: of or relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture.

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