What is Soncap Nigeria?

The SONCAP is a product conformity scheme whose objective is to help ensure that products exported to Nigeria meet minimum safety requirements. This will help ensure that Nigerian consumers are not exposed to potentially unsafe and sub-standard goods.

How do I get a Soncap certificate?

For Product Certificate (PC)

  1. Access the SONCAP Online application.
  2. Click on the Apply to Activate Product Certificate button.
  3. Complete the form by inputting the Certificate Number, the Importer Name, the TIN Number and the Importer Phone Number.
  4. Click on the Submit button.


Why is Soncap needed?

Public Sector Nigeria – Product Conformity Assessment (SONCAP) … To prevent the import of substandard and unsafe products into Nigeria all exporters and manufacturers must subject regulated goods to scrutiny against the standards and technical requirements of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

How much is Soncap certificate in Nigeria?

It will depend on the products being imported into Nigeria. If your product is subject to the SONCAP programme, you will need to have a SONCAP Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions about SONCAP.

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Process Description Fees in USD
Shipment Certification SONCAP Certificate (SC) 300 per shipment
Others Non Conformity Report (NCR) 350 per shipment

How do I process Soncap in Nigeria?


  1. Step 1 – Issuance of SON Product Certificate (PC) The SON Product Certificate (PC), is valid for six months. …
  2. Step 2 – Sample Testing. Firstly, the exporter will submit test report/documents issued from an accredited laboratory. …
  3. Step 3 – SONCAP Certificate (SC)


How do I register with my son?

How to register products online:

  1. Visit www.son.gov.ng.
  2. On the home page, click “e-Product Registration”, then “Continue”
  3. For a new company registration, click “New Account”, enter the RC/Business number (i.e. RC1234) and a valid email address.
  4. Click “Sign Up”.


What is Form M used for in Nigeria?

An E-Form M is a mandatory documentation process put in place by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), to monitor goods that are imported into the country as well as enable collection of import duties where applicable.

How do you get Mancap?

MANCAP involves the following basic processes:- – Intending manufacturers of products contact the nearest SON state Offices or SON Headquarters; – Obtain copies of the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards for the products; – Purchase MANCAP application form from the nearest State Office, complete the form and return …

How do I get a Form M?

How to obtain an E-Form M

  1. Submit your E-Form M application online to an Authorized Dealer Bank along with the following attached documents:
  2. Upon receipt of the Form M with the necessary attached pre-import documents as detailed above the NCS will review the application and either accept or reject it within one working day.
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How do I get a product certificate in Nigeria?

Product Certificate to be obtained from the responsible Intertek Offices. Products shall comply with the Nigerian Essential Requirements, Technical Regulations and approved Standards. An assessment shall be made to ensure that products meet the required level of compliance before PC1 is issued.

What is Paar Nigeria?

PAAR is an acronym for Pre-Arrival Assessment Report. To clear goods entering into Nigeria, an NCS approved and valid PAAR report is required. The single window does not allow individuals the right to process PAAR. Therefore, PAAR must be done by a commercial bank.

How can I get import permit in Nigeria?


  1. A company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with a Certificate of Incorporation to evidence this.
  2. Obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN Number) from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for proof of tax payment with valid email address tagged to it.


What is Soncap inspection?

SON Conformity Assessment Programme for Exports to Nigeria (SONCAP) … SONCAP verifies the conformity of all products exported to Nigeria except those that appear on the Excluded Product List and enforces their standards. Compliance to the requirements of SONCAP is applicable in addition to any existing import processes.

What is the full meaning of CAP in Nigeria?

Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria.

What is a quality certificate of a product?

Certificate of Quality or “Quality Certificate” means the formal document by Seller recording the SELLER’s laboratory determination of quality and BTU content of a particular sample which represents a specific Delivery, said laboratory determinations having been performed in accordance with the test methods specified …

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