What is the average wage in Kenya?

What is the average monthly salary in Kenya?

A person working in Kenya typically earns around 147,000 KES per month. Salaries range from 37,100 KES (lowest average) to 656,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What is the average yearly income in Kenya?

Average Salary / Kenya. Average salary in Kenya is 2,789,305 KES per year. The most typical earning is 765,481 KES. All data are based on 1,279 salary surveys.

What is the average income in Kenya in USD?

Kenya Monthly Earnings stood at 641 USD in Jun 2019, compared with the previous figure of 586 USD in Jun 2018. Kenya Monthly Earnings data is updated yearly, available from Jun 1997 to Jun 2019, with an average number of 416 USD.

What is the highest paying job in Kenya?

Below is a list of the 10 highest paying careers in the country.

  1. Medicine. …
  2. Accounting, Actuaries, Finance Experts. …
  3. Politics. …
  4. Marketing. …
  5. NGO and Civil Societies. …
  6. Information Technology. …
  7. Lecturers. …
  8. Media Presenters.
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Who is the poorest man in Kenya?

Kang’ata is probably one of the modest politicians in Kenya. He has sometimes claimed that he lives simply, having made investments while working as a lawyer for the future support of his family. He has also been described as Kenya’s ‘poorest’ MP.

How much are maids paid in Kenya?

What is the Minimum Wage for Domestic Workers? Minimum wage for domestic workers is included in the Regulation of Wages (general) order in which a domestic worker in cities should earn a minimum monthly salary of KES8, 580; KES 7,916 in municipalities and KES 4,577 in other areas.

Who sets the minimum wage in Kenya?

There are two basic mechanisms to set minimum wage in a country. Either the government, after consultation with social partners, sets a statutory minimum wage for the whole country (or region) or it is set through collective bargaining (at sectoral, occupational and national levels).

How much is a clerk paid in Kenya?

A person working as a Registry and Filing Clerk in Kenya typically earns around 50,200 KES per month. Salaries range from 26,100 KES (lowest) to 76,700 KES (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is 50k a good salary in Kenya?

The salary of Ksh 50,000 is the average figure for Kenyans living in towns. If the budget is squeezed appropriately, the money can sustain one for a whole month and some remain for savings.

Is 80000 shillings a lot of money in Kenya?

Kshs. 80,000 can be a lot of money yet little money in Nairobi.

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Is it expensive to live in Kenya?

The prices all depend on the quality of life that you demand. 2018 figures from Numbeo show that a four-person family living in Nairobi can expect to spend Ksh193,854.79 a month simply on living costs — this figure doesn’t include rent or mortgage expenses. Kenya’s fast broadband service costs Khs5,507.69 a month.

Is Kenya a poor country?

Kenya is a lower-middle income economy. Although Kenya’s economy is the largest and most developed in eastern and central Africa, 36.1% (2015/2016) of its population lives below the international poverty line. This severe poverty is mainly caused by economic inequality, government corruption and health problems.

How much does the average person make a year 2020?

How much did the average person make a year in 2020? A US worker typically earns about $94,700 per year. The lowest median American salary is about $24,000 while the highest average salary is $423,000, although the actual maximum salary is much higher.

Is Kenya a safe place to live?

While Kenya is a safe destination compared to some surrounding African countries, there are issues with crime in major cities, and many government travel advisories warn travelers of the threat of terrorism.

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