What is the best bank in Egypt?

If you’re seeking high interest rate, so you should go for municipal banks, such as National Bank of Egypt (NBE) which I think it’s better than the other ones. But if you’re looking for a professional customer service, good online payment services, then you should go for HSBC or CIB.

Is there a Bank of America in Egypt?

Bank of America is located in Cairo, Egypt. Company is working in Banks, credit unions business activities.

What do you know about banking system in Egypt?

The Egyptian Banking sector is currently composed of 39 banks that are categorized by Central Bank of Egypt into four peer groups according to their shareholding and activities. Public sector commercial banks (three banks) represent 38.2% of total loans as of 30/6/2009.

Which is richest bank in world?

By market capitalization

Rank Bank name hideMarket cap (US$ billion)
1 JPMorgan Chase 387.492
2 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 345.214
3 Bank of America 325.331
4 Wells Fargo 308.013

Is HSBC the worst bank?

Factoring in complaints, penalties and responsiveness to customer problems, the worst bank is Bank of America, according to a report from consumer finance site ValuePenguin. B of A ranked No.

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Bank HSBC North America Holdings Inc.
Responsiveness Rank 47
Complaints Rank 38
Regulatory Penalties Rank 47

Which is the safest bank in the world?

For the twelfth time in a row, the US finance magazine Global Finance declared KfW the “World’s Safest Bank”. KfW once again confirmed its leading position among the 500 largest banks worldwide.

Who owns National Bank of Egypt?

National Bank of Egypt (UK) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Egypt (NBE). National Bank of Egypt (NBE) is the largest and oldest bank in Egypt, with total assets of USD97Bn it ranks amongst the largest banks in Africa and the Middle East.

How many bank are in Egypt?

In total, there are 38 licensed banks operating in Egypt (May 2019).

Is there Chase Bank in Egypt?

1970: Chase Manhattan Bank is the only foreign bank to operate a free-zone branch in Egypt.

Did the Egyptians have banks?

Paying for Goods. Goods, both imported and created by craftsmen at home, were purchased in four main ways – using grain banks, a barter system, metal weights, and bread and beer.

How do I open a bank in Egypt?

Documents Required

  1. Your valid resident permit (with at least six months validity)
  2. Passport-sized photos.
  3. Passport.
  4. visa.
  5. Minimum deposit (as determined by the bank)
  6. A duly filled and signed account opening form.


What is the swift code for the National Bank of Egypt?

The SWIFT Code of Main Branch branch – National Bank of Egypt is NBEGEGCX001.

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