What is the name of River of Ethiopia?

Rank Major Rivers of Ethiopia Total Length
1 Nile 4,258 miles (shared with 10 other countries)
2 Blue Nile 901 miles (shared with Sudan)
3 Awash 746 miles
4 Shebelle 702 miles (shared with Somalia)

How many rivers are in Ethiopia?

Water resources. Ethiopia has nine major rivers and twelve big lakes.

What river runs through Ethiopia?

Blue Nile Falls, on the Blue Nile River, Ethiopia. The Atbara River, the last tributary of the Nile, flows into the main stream nearly 200 miles north of Khartoum. It rises in Ethiopia at heights of 6,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level, not far from Gonder, to the north of Lake Tana.

Where is the source of Tekeze River?


Where is found Baro River?

The Baro River (Amharic: ባሮ ወንዝ Baro/Openo Wenz, known to the Anuak as Openo River) is a river in southwestern Ethiopia, which defines part of Ethiopia’s border with South Sudan. From its source in the Ethiopian Highlands it flows west for 306 kilometres (190 mi) to join the Pibor River.

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What is Ethiopia famous for?

Ethiopia is known as the Cradle of Mankind, with some of the earliest ancestors found buried in the soil. Lucy (3.5 million years old), the most famous fossils found, were unearthed in Hadar. Ethiopia remains one of the only nations in Africa never to be colonized.

Is Ethiopia divided by rivers?

Characteristic of the country are the enormous fissures which divide it, formed over time by the erosive action of water. They are the valleys of the rivers, which rising on the uplands or mountain sides, have cut their way to the surrounding lowlands.

What are the main rivers of Ethiopia?

Major Rivers Of Ethiopia

  • River Nile. By some measures, the Nile is regarded as the world’s longest river measuring 4,258 miles, although others place the Amazon ahead of it. …
  • Blue Nile. The Blue Nile has its source waters in Lake Tana forming, and is one of the major tributaries of the River Nile. …
  • Awash River. …
  • Shebelle River.


What is the deepest lake in Ethiopia?

Lake Shala (also spelled Shalla) is an alkaline lake located in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, in the Abijatta-Shalla National Park.

Lake Shala
Average depth 87 m (285 ft)
Max. depth 266 m (873 ft)
Water volume 36.7 km3 (8.8 cu mi)
Surface elevation 1,558 m (5,112 ft)

What’s the largest river in the world?

The longest river in the world, measured from its mouth to its most distant, year-round source, is likely the Amazon, which flows 4,345 miles from the Peruvian Andes through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Who built Tekeze Dam?

The dam is part of the Ethiopian government – funded $365 million Tekezé hydroelectric power project that is being built by state-owned Ethiopian Electric Power Corp. (EEPCo) and the Chinese National Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Corp.

How many rivers are in Eritrea?


The Gash River drains westward to Kassala in Sudan and the Baraka River flows northward to Sudan from its source near Asmara.

What is the name of Tekeze River in Sudan?

For part of its course it forms a section of the westernmost border of Ethiopia and Eritrea. The river is also known as the Setit in Eritrea, western Ethiopia, and eastern Sudan.

Tekezé River.

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What name does the Baro river acquire after it has crossed the Ethio Sudan boundary?

The Baro-Akobo-Sobat sub-basin is shared by Ethiopia and South Sudan. Its major rivers are the Baro, Akobo and Pibor. The Baro, after joined by Akobo and Pibor makes the Sobat that flows to the northwest to join the Bahr el Jebel and eventually form the White Nile.

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