What is the yield of soya beans per hectare in Nigeria?

good practices and the right varieties, grain yields can be as high as 2500 – 3000 kg/ha when soybean is grown as a sole crop.

What is the yield of soya beans per hectare?

Best yield ever on Soya Beans at 6100kgs per hectare.

How many kg soya beans per hectare?

The seed rate is about 90-100 kg per ha. The desirable plant population is around 350 000 plants per ha, but soyabean are capable of adapting to a wide range of plant populations. A minimum plant population is 200 000 plants per ha, while a maximum is 550 000 plants per ha.

How can I farm soybean in Nigeria?

Sow the soya beans seeds 1.5 inches (3.8cm) deep into the soil, and space the beans about 3 inches (7.6cm) apart. Plant the beans in rows that are 30 inches (76cm) apart. When planting the seeds, ensure the seeds face the ground, and water immediately after planting.

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Are soybeans profitable?

Soya beans yields are not outlandish. It is a simple, low margin and potentially practical way to earn profits long term.

How much is soya beans per kg in South Africa?

The average price for a tonne is US$ 0.02 in Cape Town and Johannesburg. South Africa’s import price for soya beans in 2019 was US$0.00 per kilo.

How many bags of soybeans can you get per acre?

Soybean seeding rate is one of the most heavily debated and frankly, in my humble opinion, the most overthought agronomic decision we make in soybean. As a general rule of thumb I recommend farmers purchase a bag of seed per acre (140,000 seed count) and plant that entire bag per acre (140,000 seeds) (Figure 1).

How many kg of maize will 1 hectare of land?

According to Ibikunle, the plant population determines profitability, and that no fewer than 20,000 kernels of maize should be planted on one acre, or approximately 52,000 stands on maize should be planted on one hectare of land.

How much maize can you harvest per hectare?

The coefficient of variation around the average long-term maize yield in South Africa of 4 tons per hectare is 25%, which means that the total crop can be between 3 tons and 5 tons per hectare during any season.

How long does soya bean take to grow?

Soybeans for shelling and fresh use are ready for harvest 45 to 65 days after sowing. Dry soybeans require 100 or more days to reach harvest. Soybeans reach maturity at the same time; pull the whole plant and hang it upside down to dry. Shell dry beans once the pods are fully dry.

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How much is a ton of soybeans in Nigeria?

A ton of soybeans contains around nine 100kg bags. The current price of 1 ton of soybeans in Nigeria ranges from ₦135,000 to ₦200,000 depending on your location, the seller, and your bargain power.

How much does it cost to plant an acre of soybeans?

Average costs per acre for soybean ranged from $168 to $204 and average cost per bushel ranged from $3.30 to $4.19. Average returns per acre ranged from $62 to $194.

What equipment is needed to farm soybeans?

The grain drill (or drill) is used to plant (or we call it seed) wheat and soybeans. The planter is used to plant corn and sunflowers.

What’s the best fertilizer for soybeans?

Increasing soybeans yield

Banding fertilizers and foliar feeding are common application methods but should be considered only when conventional methods are not satisfying. Soybeans grains have a nitrogen content of 40%, therefore an adequate fertilization of nitrogen is a key factor in achieving high quality yields.

Can you plant soybeans by hand?

Late May to early June are good planting dates in the US. If this is the first time that you’ve planted soybeans in this field, understand that you’ll need to inoculate the seeds so that they will be able to produce nitrogen. … You can broadcast the seed and fertilizer using a hand seeder or simply toss it out by hand.

Is corn or soybeans more profitable?

Since August, both corn and soybean prices have increased. Overall, commodity price movements have increased the relative profitability of soybeans to corn in 2020, continuing a string of years since 2013, in which soybeans have been more profitable than corn.

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