Where is David Mark from in Nigeria?

Which state is David Mark from?

David Mark

Sen. David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark
Born April 1948 (age 73) Otukpo, Benue State
Nationality Nigerian
Political party PDP
Residence Abuja

Is David Mark still senator in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s longest serving senator, David Mark who was president of the 6th and 7th Assembly is from here. David Mark was first elected in 1999 and left at the end of his 5th term in the Senate in 2019 (after serving for 20 years).

When was David Mark born?

апрель 1948 (возраст 73 года)

How old is David Mark now?

73 года (апрель 1948)

What is the name of the current Nigeria Senate President?

The current President of the Senate is Senator Ahmed Lawan.

President of the Senate of Nigeria.

President of the Senate of The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Seal of the Senate President of Nigeria
Incumbent Ahmed Lawan since 11 June 2019
Legislative Branch of the Federal Government
Style Mr President

How much is Dino Melaye worth?

He is currently representing Kogi West in the Nigerian Senate and the Chairman Senate Committee on FCT Abuja. Besides, Dino Melaye’s net worth is N3. 8 billion.

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