Which is bigger Lagos or Ibadan?

Ibadan is the capital and most populous city of Oyo State, in Nigeria. It is the third-largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, with a total population of 3,649,000 as of 2021, and over 6 million people within its metropolitan area.

Is Ibadan bigger than Lagos?

Ibadan known as the Ancient City is one of the largest city in Nigeria if not the largest. … In the entire West Africa, Ibadan is known as the largest city and the second largest city in Africa, after Cairo. Compared to Lagos, Ibadan is far bigger. Lagos is a state and Ibadan is a capital of a state — Oyo.

Which is the largest city between Lagos and Ibadan?

It is the third-largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, with a total population of 3,649,000 as of 2021, and over 6 million people within its metropolitan area. It is the country’s largest city by geographical area.

• Urban 6,800 km2 (2,600 sq mi)
Area rank 1st
Elevation 230 m (750 ft)
Population (2006)
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Is Lagos better than Ibadan?

Compared to Ibadan, It has the largest buildings, better-looking areas and lots of amazing attractions and experiences. Living in Lagos is an experience people shouldn’t be missing.

Who is the largest city in Nigeria?

As of 2021, the largest city of Nigeria is Lagos, which is also the largest city in whole Sub-Saharan Africa. This city counts nine million inhabitants, whereas the Nigerian city with the second largest population is Kano, in the North-West, with 3.6 million inhabitants.

Which tribe has the most beautiful girl in Nigeria?

OGUN: Ogun Girls are the most beautiful when it comes to core Yoruba women. They are an all in one package of beauty and brains.

Which is richest state in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian states by GDP

Rank State GDP (in millions of USD)
1 Lagos State US$33,679
2 Rivers State US$21,073
3 Delta State US$16,749
4 Oyo State US$16,121

Which city is the most beautiful city in Nigeria?

12 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

  1. Ibadan. Ibadan, also known as the ‘ancient city’ is the capital of Oyo State. …
  2. Abuja. Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja, is one of the most developed and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. …
  3. Jos. …
  4. Calabar. …
  5. Minna. …
  6. Enugu. …
  7. Port Harcourt. …
  8. Uyo.


Which state is the most biggest in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian states by area

Rank State km²
1 Niger State 76,363
2 Borno State 70,898
3 Taraba State 54,473
5 Kaduna State 46,053

Lagos. Lagos, for so many reasons, is an obviousmention. The “Mega City” is located at the south west of Nigeria and is the most populous state in Nigeria.

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Is Ibadan a good place to live?

Ibadan, Oyo State’s capital rose to dominance in the early 19th century. After it came into existence in 1829, Since then, She has become one of the best cities to live in Nigeria. … Apart from that, Ibadan is one of the most affordable places to live in Nigeria.

Which village is the most beautiful in Nigeria?

Abiriba is the most beautiful Village in Africa.

  • #Abiriba.
  • #AbiaState.
  • #Nigeria.

Where is the largest village in Nigeria?

Ugep as it is popularly known is one of the largest unit that constitute Yakurr and were referred to as the largest village in West Africa, its indigenes speaks the Lokaa Language which is the general language spoken in Yakurr.


Ugep (Umor Otu-tu)
• Town 420,000
• Urban 280,000
Postal code 543101

What are the 2 biggest city in Nigeria?

Urban areas

Rank City State
1 Lagos Lagos
2 Onitsha Anambra
3 Kano Kano
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