Which is the best cement in Nigeria?

Though the popular cement in the study area is DANGOTE, SUPASET cement is the best cement in terms of strength characteristics while UNICEM possesses the least compressive strength.

Which cement brand is the best in Nigeria?

  1. Dangote Cement (The Best Cement In Nigeria) Dangote Cement is apparently the most popular cement manufacturer in Nigeria. …
  2. Ibeto Cement. Ibeto cement is a cement brand which is solely based in Nigeria. …
  3. LaFarge(Elephant) Cement. …
  4. Unicem Cement. …
  5. BUA Cement. …
  6. Ashaka Cement. …
  7. NigerCem Cement. …
  8. Eagle Cement.

Which cement is best for plastering in Nigeria?

BUA Cement is the best cement for house plastering in Nigeria.

How much is bag of cement in Nigeria now?

How much is a bag of cement in Nigeria? As of present, the retail price of cement in Nigeria is ₦3,950 — ₦4,200 per bag, depending on brand, location, and other factors. And the wholesale price (600 bags) is ₦2,300,000 to ₦2,400,000, depending on the manufacturer.

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How much is Dangote Cement now?

Currently, the price of Dangote cement is ₦4,000 – ₦4,200 per bag (50kg), and ₦2,350,000 – ₦2,400,000 per wholesale package (600 bags). Note, however, that this price varies from location to location within the country.

Is Bua Cement better than Dangote Cement?

FY 2020. Across the board, the management of Dangote Cement has done a better job when compared to BUA Cement in managing the assets of the company. Dangote Return on invested capital is higher with a much lower recourse to debt and of course a higher FCF number.

What is the grade of Dangote Cement?

According to Dangote cement’s website, the premium cement is produced in three grades which are 32.5R, 42.5R and 52.5R. They recommended their grade 32.5R for plastering works, low rise buildings and masonry. The other higher grades can be used for high rise structures and mega infrastructures.

What is the meaning of 42.5 N cement?

The grades corresponds to the minimum 28th day compressive strength of cement, also referred to as cement strength classes of 32.5 Mpa, 42.5 Mpa and 52.5 Mpa respectively. … While the appendage “N” refers to a class of cement with ordinary early strength, “R” Refers to those with high early strength. (Oyenuga, 2014).

How many cement factory are in Nigeria?

Cement sector

Nigeria has by far the largest cement industry in West Africa, with 12 integrated cement plants that have a total of 58.9Mt/yr of cement capacity.

What are the various types of cement?

Different Types Of Cement

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) …
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) …
  • Rapid Hardening Cement. …
  • Extra Rapid Hardening Cement. …
  • Low Heat Cement. …
  • Sulfates Resisting Cement. …
  • Quick Setting Cement. …
  • Blast Furnace Slag Cement.
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Why is cement so expensive in Nigeria?

These factors that include: High maintenance costs of manufacturing machines, high distribution costs of the product, erratic power supply which calls for expensive alternative power sources and the ever changing government policies; put manufacturers in tough spots when it comes to pricing their products.

Why is cement so expensive?

This is due to the concrete’s low water-to-cement ratio (often below . … Of course, with more strength and durability comes a much higher price point, maxing out around $2,000 per cubic yard for ultra-high-performance concrete.

What is the cost of 1 bag cement?

Prices ranges between 300 to 350 depending upon type of cement (OPC/PPC) and quantity required. Price has on 10-06-2019 is Rs. 365 per Bag.

How many blocks can a bag of cement lay?

1 bag of a good cement can lay approximately 70 to 80 blocks Other cement below the strength of 32.0 will lay between 45 and 50 blocks, that is, not compromising the standard.

Will cement prices come down?

Despite the price hike in the first week of the month, average cement prices in Q4FY21 are still slightly lower compared to third-quarter average — it is down by 0.4 per cent. … Consequently, cement price on a pan-India level has increased by 4.7 per cent, m-o-m to Rs 351 per bag.

How much is granite in Nigeria?

Here are average prices of granites in the market today; 20 tons’ cargo of 3/4-inch Granite – N85,000 – N93,000. 20 tons’ cargo of 1/2-inch Granite – N82,000 – N95, 000. 20 tons’ cargo of 1/4-inch Granite – N70,000 – N75,000.

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