Which is the tallest building in Uganda?

Rank Name Year
1 The Pearl of Africa Hotel Kampala 2017
2 Uganda Revenue Authority Tower 2019
3 Workers’ House 2001
4 Crested Towers: Tall Tower 1970

Which is the highest building in Uganda?


Rank Name Height
1 Kampala Hilton 90 m / 295 ft
2 NSSF Tower 1 – m / – ft
3 Uganda Revenue Authority Headquarters – m / – ft

What is the longest building in Kampala?

Tallest buildings in Kampala

# Building Height
1 Kampala Hilton 295 ft
2 URA Headquarters ≈261 ft
3 Workers’ House ≈237 ft
4 Stanbic Bank North Tower ≈237 ft

How many floors does URA tower have?


Which African country has the tallest building?

Carlton Centre, South Africa

The Carlton Centre, a 223-meter-tall skyscraper and shopping center in Johannesburg, South Africa, has remained the tallest building in Africa since its completion in 1973.

Who is the most beautiful lady in Uganda?

Who is the most beautiful female artist in Uganda? The most beautiful female artist in Uganda today is Zanie Brown. This is because of her outstanding admirable glares and sweet voices whenever she sings. At the second place is Rema Namakula, the former wife of Uganda male musician Eddy Kenzo.

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Which artist has the most expensive house in Uganda?

Which artist has the most expensive house in Uganda? John SsebalamuJohn Ssebalamu Owns the Most Expensive House in Kampala Uganda Picks.

How much is Mapeera building?

Roko Construction Limited, a Ugandan construction company was contracted to construct the building at an estimated cost of approximately US$30 million (USh75 billion). The building was commissioned on 10 June 2012, by Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda.

How many municipalities are in Uganda?

Uganda currently has 41 municipal councils that are funded by Uganda Road Fund.

How much did URA tower cost?

The URA House itself was budgeted at USh140 billion (approx. US$37 million), in construction costs. On 19 January 2019, the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni, officially commissioned the completed skyscraper.

Which country has the most tall buildings?


Number of Buildings
Rank Country 150m+
1 China 2,395
2 United States 825
3 United Arab Emirates 268

Which country has the 15 tallest buildings?

We’ll start with the 15 tallest, then round off with the behemoths of the future.

  • 17 #4 – Ping An Finance Centre, Shenzhen, China – 1,966 Feet.
  • 18 #3 – Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower, Mecca, Saudi Arabia – 1,971 Feet. …
  • 19 #2 – Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China – 2,073 Feet. …
  • 20 #1 – Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE – 2,717 Feet. …


What city in Africa has the most skyscrapers?

This article ranks the tallest buildings on the African continent by height. Initially, only a small number of major financial and commercial centers boasted large skylines, such as Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, Cairo and Cape Town.

Tallest buildings.

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Building The Leonardo
Floors 55
Year 2019
Country South Africa
City Johannesburg
Hai Afrika!