Which town is River ankobra located in Ghana?

Ankobra, river in southern Ghana, western Africa. Rising northeast of Wiawso, it flows about 120 miles (190 km) south to the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic) just west of Axim, commercial centre of the river basin.

Where is River ankobra in Ghana?

The Ankobra River is primarily situated in Ghana. Rising north east of Wiawso, it flows about 190 kilometres (120 mi) south to the Gulf of Guinea. Its entire course is in south Ghana.

Ankobra River
• location Mouth

Where is the source of River ankobra?


The river takes its source from the hills north of Basin dare (near Bibiani) and flows for about 260 km mostly due south before it enters the Gulf of Guinea at Asanta a few kilometres west of Axim.

Which town is River Pra located in Ghana?

Pra, river of southern Ghana. The Pra River rises in the Kwahu Plateau near Mpraeso and flows 150 miles (240 km) southward to enter the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) at Shama. Its main tributaries are the Ofin, Anum, and Birim.

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What region is River densu?

The Densu River is located in southern Ghana and covers the south-eastern part of the Greater Accra Region and the south-western portion of the eastern region. The Densu River Basin lies between latitude 5° 30′ N–6° 20′ N and longitude 0° 10′ W–0° 35′ W.

What is the main river in Ghana?

Volta River, chief river system of Ghana, formed from the confluence of the Black Volta and White Volta (qq. v.) headstreams. The Volta flows generally southward through Ghana, discharging into the Gulf of Guinea.

What are the two major rivers in Ghana?

The Major Rivers Of Ghana

Rank Major Rivers of Ghana Total Length
1 Volta 994 miles
2 Black Volta 840 miles (shared with Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast)
3 White Volta 550 miles (shared with Burkina Faso)
4 Oti (Pendjari) 323 miles (shared with Benin, Burkina Faso, and Togo)

Whats the largest river in the world?

The Amazon:

The Amazon River is the longest river in South America, and the largest river in the world in terms of water discharge.

Which region is River BIA located in Ghana?

The Bia is a river that is situated primarily in Ghana and flows through Ghana and Ivory Coast, emptying into Aby Lagoon.

Bia River
Countries Ghana and Ivory Coast
Physical characteristics
Mouth Aby Lagoon
• coordinates 6°05′48″N 3°05′42″WCoordinates: 6°05′48″N 3°05′42″W

Which region is River Oti located in Ghana?

The Oti River or Pendjari River is an international river in West Africa. It rises in Benin, forms the border between Benin and Burkina Faso, flows through Togo, and joins the Volta River in Ghana.

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Oti River
• elevation 150 m (490 ft)
Mouth Lake Volta of Ghana
• location Gulf of Guinea

How many water bodies are in Ghana?

According to the WRC of Ghana, Ghana has five basins namely (Figure 2): the Densu River basin, Ankobra basin, Pra basin, Tano basin and White Volta basin (WRC Ghana, 2015c. (2015c).

Which river does not flow into the sea in Ghana?

Ghana is drained by a large number of streams and rivers. In addition, there are a number of coastal lagoons, the huge man-made Lake Volta, and Lake Bosumtwi, southeast of Kumasi and which has no outlet to the sea.

What is the name of the Sea in Ghana?

Ghana is a West African country in Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea, just a few degrees north of the equator. Ghana encompasses plains, low hills, rivers, Lake Volta, the world’s largest artificial lake, Dodi Island and Bobowasi Island on the south Atlantic Ocean coast of Ghana.

Geography of Ghana.

Climate Tropical

What are the importance of rivers in Ghana?

Some of these of importance can be seen in the areas of the transportation of goods and passengers, Source of food, Source of mineral aggregate, domestic use, Source of employment, revenue to the government and foreign exchange earnings, and hydro-electric power generation (Andah, 2003) Firstly, rivers in Ghana …

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