Which was the first school in Zambia?

What is the first school in Zambia?

The first school was opened by Frederick Stanley Arnot (a missionary) in 1883 at Limulunga, in Western province of Zambia, with an enrolment of three pupils, all boys, and one teacher who was untrained (Snelson, 1974:29).

What was the first secondary school in Zambia?

The school was first established in 1938 as Entral Trade School. Founded in its own right in 1947 as “Munali secondary School” with about 40 pupils, it was originally situated at the David Kaunda campus at “Old Munali”.

What is the history of education in Zambia?

In 75 years of colonial administration, Northern Rhodesia, as Zambia was called before independence, it produced about “100 African university graduates, a bare 1500 Zambians with school certificate and only 6000 ju – nior secondary education”1 So much so that at independence Zambia faced a critical shortage of …

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What is the best secondary school in Zambia?

Secondary Schools in Zambia

  • Lundazi Day Secondary School Lundazi Day Secondary School. …
  • Mfuwe Day Secondary School Mfuwe Day Secondary School. …
  • Chungu High School Chungu High School. …
  • Mery Sacred Heart Secondary School Mery Sacred Heart Secondary School. …
  • Lundazi Day High School Lundazi Day High School.

Which is the most expensive school in Zambia?

Top most expensive schools in zambia

  • Simba International School (Ndola).
  • Rhodes Park School (Lusaka).
  • Mpelembe Secondary School (Kitwe).
  • Lechwe International School (Kitwe).
  • 5.International School of Lusaka (Lusa.
  • 2.Baobab College (Lusaka):
  • American International School (Lusaka):


What are schools like in Zambia?

Education System in Zambia

The Zambian education system has a 7-5-4 structure, namely 7 years at primary school, 2 and 3 years at junior and higher secondary school respectively, and 4 years at university for undergraduate degrees.

What is the first church in Zambia?

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Who were the first missionaries in Zambia?

Livingstone, representing the London Missionary Society (lms), was the first Protestant missionary to reach Zambia, making three trips to the country in 1851, 1853, and 1873. Livingstone’s first two trips were to the western province of Zambia.

When was free primary education introduced in Zambia?

The free primary education policy introduced in 2002 has greatly improved the primary school enrolment rates in the last decade and Zambia is on track to achieving universal primary educa- tion. However, few Zambians progress to secondary school, and tertiary level enrolments are very low.

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What are five O levels in Zambia?

Admission Requirements: Either five ‘O’ levels as follows: English Language and any four subjects from the following: History, Geography, French, Literature in English, Mathematics, a Zambian Language, Civic Education, Religious Education, Wood Work, Metal Work, Geometric and Mechanical Drawing, Home Economics, Art and …

What is the importance of education in Zambia?

In Zambia, education is regarded as a basic human right and considered vital to development. Not only does education empower people, but it gives them the knowledge and skills to broaden their economic and social opportunities.

What was the aim of missionary education Zambia?

1. To train Africans as catechists who would later help spread Christianity. 2. To education Africans on agricultural skills.

Top 10 best ranking Secondary Schools in Zambia



Which school is the biggest in Zambia?

The University of Zambia is Zambia’s largest university, founded in 1966. It has a student population of about 24,834. The University of Zambia has over 157 degree and postgraduate degree programmes.

How much are school fees at Mpelembe?

Tuition Fees

Boarding (Grade 8 to 12) Total K13,190 Per Term K17,790 Per Term
Day (Grade 8 to 12) Total K8,060 Per Term K12,660 Per Term
Boarding (Form 6) Total K14,830 Per Term K19,430 Per Term
Day (Form 6) Total K9,120 Per Term K13,720 Per Term
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