Who is owner of TV3 Ghana?

Who is the founder of TV3?

TV3 is a Ghanaian free-to-air television network in Ghana. Launched in 1997 by Thai company BEC-TERO, TV3 airs and produces a variety of television programmes including acclaimed news bulletins, dramas and successful reality television and entertainment shows.

Which year did TV3 start?

The process is expected to be completed by early September. TV3 has had a troubled history since it was first granted the licence to be Ireland’s third channel in 1989.

What is the meaning of TV3?


Acronym Definition
TV3 Television Three

Is TV3 sold?

MediaWorks’ owners have struck an unconditional agreement to sell the New Zealand headquarters of the radio and television network to New Zealanders for $26 million, delivering a huge cash injection to the struggling business.

Who owns TV3 NZ?

Three is a general entertainment channel owned by Discovery New Zealand, with a significant news and current affairs element under the banner of Newshub.

Who won TV3 Mentor 2020?

Team Adina member Kweku Bany has become the latest winner of popular music reality show Mentor on TV3.

Is GTV Sports Plus on DSTV?

GTV’s service would be available on Dstv channel 142 (Dstv West Africa Bouquet) and bouquets in Ghana which offer a full range of options, including Dstv select, which offer a selection of channels. …

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How many people watch TV3?

The rankings show that Adom TV had an average viewership of 662,000 in 2017, 118,000 and 143,000 more than second and third-placed TV3 and UTV. TV3 had 544,000 average viewers while UTV recorded 519,000 average viewers with Joy Prime sitting in fourth place with 364,000 average viewers.

Who owns Choicetv?

Choice TV is a privately owned, national free-to-air television channel in New Zealand and has been on air since 2012.

Choice TV.

Owner Discovery New Zealand
Sister channels Animal Planet Bravo Breeze TV Discovery Discovery Turbo The Edge TV HGTV Investigation Discovery Living Three TLC
Launched 28 April 2012

Who owns MediaWorks?

MediaWorks New Zealand is a New Zealand-based radio, outdoor advertising and interactive media company jointly owned by U.S. company Oaktree Capital Management and out-of-home advertising company QMS. It operates nine national radio brands, twelve websites and one locally operated radio station.

Who bought MediaWorks?

MediaWorks has confirmed it will sell its TV operations to US company Discovery Inc. The deal includes Three and Bravo, streaming service ThreeNow, and multi-platform news and current affairs service Newshub, as well as the further channels Three+1, Bravo+1, The Edge TV and The Breeze TV.

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