Who is the archbishop of Nigeria?

The Most Reverend Henry C. Ndukuba
Archdiocese Anglican Province of Jos
Diocese Anglican Diocese of Gombe
Elected September, 2019
Installed 25 March 2020

Who is the Catholic Archbishop of Nigeria?

Ignatius Ayau Kaigama

His Excellency Ignatius Ayau Kaigama
Archbishop of Abuja
Church Roman Catholic Church
Appointed 9 November 2019
Installed 5 December 2019

Who is Bishop Ignatius Kaigama?

Born in the Nigerian state of Taraba, Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama was ordained a Catholic priest in 1981. He worked in several parishes in Nigeria’s Yola Diocese (Adamawa State) and, in 1995, became the first bishop of the Diocese of Jalingo, the capital city of his home state of Taraba.

Who is the president of Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria?

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria

Abbreviation CBCN
Type Episcopal conference
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Membership Catholic bishops of Nigeria
President Archbishop Augustine Obiora Akubeze

Who was the first awarded archbishop in Nigeria?

On 24 February 1979, the sixteen dioceses of Nigeria were joined in the Church of Nigeria, a newly founded province of the Anglican Communion, with Timothy O. Olufosoye, then Bishop of Ibadan, becoming its first archbishop, primate and metropolitan.

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Who is the youngest Catholic bishop in Nigeria?

Francis Arinze

His Eminence Francis Arinze
Born 1 November 1932 Onitsha, Colony of Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Denomination Roman Catholic

How many Catholic priest do we have in Nigeria?

The boom in vocation to the priesthood in Nigeria is mainly in the eastern part (especially among the Igbo ethnic group) which accounts for over 70 percent of the country’s Catholic population.

List of dioceses.

Archdioceses 9
Diocesan Priests 3,452
Religious Priests 694
♦Total Priests 4,146 (2004)
Religious Women 3,674

Who is the first cardinal in Nigeria?

Dominic Ignatius Ekandem (1917 – 24 November 1995), was a Roman Catholic cardinal and was the first West African Catholic Bishop.

Dominic Ekandem.

His Eminence Dominic Ignatius Ekandem
Birth name Dominic Ignatius Ekandem
Born 1917 Obio Ibiono, Ibiono LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Died 24 November 1995 (aged 77–78) Abuja, Nigeria

Who is the new archbishop of Jos?

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jos

Archdiocese of Jos Archidioecesis Iosensis
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Archbishop Most Rev. Matthew Ishaya Audu

Who is the Catholic Bishop of Abuja Diocese?

John Onaiyekan

His Eminence John Onaiyekan
Archdiocese Abuja
See Abuja
Appointed 7 July 1990 (Coadjutor)
Installed 28 September 1992

Is Catholic The first church in Nigeria?

The cathedral church of St. Peters, Ake Abeokuta, is the first church in Nigeria. History teaches us that when Christianity first came to what is now known as Nigeria through the Portuguese missionary, no particular church was established before they left.

How many province do we have in Nigeria?

Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria were also sometimes known as the Northern Provinces or Southern Provinces respectively. Currently, Nigeria is a federation of 36 states.

Provinces of Nigeria.

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Province Bauchi
Region Northern
Division Bauchi
Native Authorities Bauchi, Dass, Ningi

What is the full meaning of Cbcn?

Definition. CBCN. Certified Breast Care Nurse. CBCN. Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Which church is the oldest in Nigeria?

There is a cenotaph erected as a memorial of him. It is popularly known as the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina, and is the oldest Anglican cathedral in the Church of Nigeria.

Which religion came first in Nigeria?

Islam in Ancient Yoruba is referred to as Esin Imale (religion of the malians) as the earliest introduction of the religion to that region was through Malian itinerant traders (Wangara Traders) around the 14th century.

Where did Islam started in Nigeria?

Introduction. The spread of Islam in Nigeria dates back to the eleventh century when it first appeared in Borno in the northeast of the country. Later Islam emerged in Hausaland in the northwest and its influence was evident in Kano and Katsina.

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