Who is the director of NGO in Nigeria?

Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi serves as Executive Director (ED) of the Nigeria Network of NGOs and as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees. As ED, Oyebisi is responsible for the Network’s operations and employees, and directly manages the management team.

Who is the head of NGO?

Next comes the Executive Director, who may also be called by other names such as Coordinator, Chief Operating Officer, or CEO. He or she is responsible for the overall direction in which the NGO moves, and the responsibility for managing the day-to-day activities of the NGO.

How many directors should an NGO have?

A non-profit company must have at least three incorporators and three directors and may be registered with or without members. A non-profit company is not required to have members.

Who are the board of directors of an NGO?

Composition of a Board

An NGO Board usually has 10 to 15 members, with a President, a Treasurer and other positions designated to specific tasks/issues related to the NGO’s programme areas. The member positions could be rotating and/or renewable.

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WHO ARE THE NGOs in Nigeria?

The following are the List of NGOs in Nigeria:

  • Old Peoples Support International.
  • Total Care Unit.
  • Ven Dr. Josiah Alozie Foundation.
  • Action Aid for the Unemployed.
  • Global Peace Development.
  • Society for Telemedicine and E-Health in Nigeria.
  • Lygel Youths & Leadership Initiatives.
  • Rural Urban Development.

Is Red Cross an NGO?

Philippine Red Cross — NGO from the Philippines with 501-1000 employees, it`s involved in Disaster Reduction , Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Youth sectors.

Do NGO founders get paid?

The founders of a non-profit are not admissible to make a profit or advantage from the net earnings of the organization. They can create money in several additional ways, however, including receiving compensation from the non-profit. … Indeed, most non-profits have staff.

What is the difference between NPO and NGO?

Commonly a not-for-profit entity will have both an NPO and a PBO number. The term NPO is also used as a general descriptor to indicate that the entity concerned is not-for-profit, that is, the opposite of a for-profit entity. … NGO is another descriptor used to refer to not-for-profit entities.

The term Non Government Organization or NGO is used as an umbrella to cover all legal entities that seek charitable and philanthropic funds towards betterment of society without the motive to derive profit from it. However there is no such legal entity as a NGO.

How many people open an NGO?

What is the minimum number of people required to start an NGO? To start a NGO in Trust registration, you need at least 2 people. To start an NGO in Society registration, you need at least 7 people. To start an NGO at a nation level, you need at least 8 people.

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Who is a trustee in an NGO?

Sometimes referred to as a Board of Trustees, these volunteers act as guardians for your organisation who protect and maintain the core values and purposes of the organisation. As a collective body, the trustees hold the authority and responsibility to ensure the fulfillment of an organisation’s mission.

Can family members be members of NGO?

Members of the same family can not be member in a Society. … So initially family members can be there to form NGO but at the time of funding from certain Ministries or Funding agencies the Trustees can be changed. Minimum Members/ Directors/ Trustees at state level Registration required. Minimum Two Directors.

What are the requirements of opening an NGO?

What are the requirements to start an NGO?

  • A constitution of your organisation. …
  • Deeds of trust. …
  • Memorandum and articles of association. …
  • Download the NGO registration forms. …
  • Submit with the necessary documents.


Which is the biggest NGO in Nigeria?

  • 1 List of Top NGOs in Nigeria.
  • 2 1. Let’s Talk Humanity.
  • 3 2. Access to Education for Children.
  • 4 3. ActionAid International Nigeria.
  • 5 4. Action Health Incorporated (AHI)
  • 6 5. All Nigeria United Nations Students’ & Youth Association (ANUNSA)
  • 7 6. Alliances for Africa (AfA)
  • 8 7. African Sports Support & Education Trust.

How many types of NGOs are there?

NGO type by level of co-operation can be grouped into Community- Based Organisation; City Wide Organisation; National NGOs; and International NGOs; The Non-governmental organizations forms a heterogeneous group and it has a long list of organization working in different areas with varied scope of work.

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How many NGO do we have?

They list 1,094 NGOs that operate in Nigeria.

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