Who is the first minister of FCT Abuja?

Mohammed Musa Bello
Deputy Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu
Preceded by Bala Mohammed
Personal details
Born 8 January 1959 Yola, Northern Region, British Nigeria (now Yola, Nigeria)

Who is the Minister of FCT 2020?

On 16th April, 2020, Ambassador Lee In-Tae paid a courtesy visit to the Honorable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory(FCT), Mr. Muhammad Musa Bello, and shared South Korea’s experience in responding to COVID-19.

Who is the leader of FCT?

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Federal Capital Territory
Capital Abuja
• Ministry Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA)
• Minister Mohammed Musa Bello

When was FCT Abuja created?

Federal Capital Territory (FCT), ; also known as Abuja Federal Capital Territory, administrative territory, central Nigeria, created in 1976.

Which state was the first FCT in Nigeria?

Lokoja is historically known to be the first administrative capital of modern-day Nigeria. The state was created in 1991 from parts of Kwara State and Benue State.

What is the name of FCT governor?

List of current state governors

State Governor Took office
Yobe State Mai Mala Buni 2019
Zamfara State Bello Matawalle 2019
FCT Minister Took office
Abuja Bello Mohammed 2015
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Who is current minister of FCT Abuja?

Mohammed Musa Bello (born January, 1959) is a Nigerian banker who is the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, in office since 2015.

Is Fcda under Fcta?

The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) is part of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) located in Abuja Nigeria.

What is the slogan of Abuja?

FCT: The capital city is Abuja and its slogan is “Center of Unity”.

Who named Abuja?

The name Abuja is coined out of the Hausa language and it was derived from the name Abubakar –Ja and Abubakar-Ja is derived from the name of a person called Mallam Abubakar JA and the name “Abubakar” is an Islamic name while the word “Ja” is referring to a red color in the Hausa Language; so Abubakar-Ja is literally …

What language does Abuja speak?

Abuja’s population includes over 250 ethnic groups from almost every corner of Nigeria. While English is the official language, other languages are spoken as well including Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa.

Where is Abuja found?

Abuja, city, capital of Nigeria. It lies in the central part of Nigeria, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT; created 1976). The city is approximately 300 miles (480 km) northeast of Lagos, the former capital (until 1991).

Which state is the richest in Nigeria?

Lagos State. Lagos state is the richest state in Nigeria, it was founded on 27th May 1967 and was the then Federal Capital Territory for the colonial administrators. Lagos also served as a major financial center as it is Nigeria’s largest urban area.

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Who is the youngest governor in Nigeria?

Chukwuebuka Anisiobi is the youngest governor to rule in Nigeria at the age of 16. He was the governor of Lagos state for one day after winning the spelling bee competition set by the then governor’s wife Oluremi Tinubu for students on the 6 June 2001.

Who created the first 12 states in Nigeria?

The Creation of States

General Yakubu Gowon created twelve states out of the four regions that existed at that time appointing a governor to head them.

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