Who is the second richest musician in Zambia?

The second richest artist in Zambia is Kayombo also known as King Kayo with a networth of K700,000.

How much is Macky 2 worth?

Born a legend, rose to prominence 15 years ago, rated among the best Rappers of our time in Zambia.

Macky 2 Net Worth 2020 (Artist Profile)

Full Names Macky 2 (Mark Mulaza Kaira)
Net Worth In the Year 2020 K1.5 million

Who is richest in Zambia 2020?

After evaluating wealth for richest men in Zambia, records showed Hakainde Hichilema to be richest man in Zambia today, leading the list in 2020 with net worth of $70 billion dallars.

Who is richest in Zambia in 2021?

Hakainde Hichilema is the richest man in Zambia. He is Zambia’s second-largest cattle rancher.

Who is the richest musician in LIB 2020?

Juli Endee is the richest musician as of now in Liberia as she widely recognized by even the Liberian government. Queen Juli Endee is a Liberian musician, Culture Ambassador of the Republic, traditional Queen, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Children in Liberia.

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Does Macky 2 have a child?

Rapper Macky 2 has finally let the world know him and his wife “Haantinga’ have a Child. The rapper whose Marriage has suffered speculations from people who were expecting the couple to have child after getting married posted the picture of him, his wife and baby on Instagram.

Is Macky 2 married?

Hatinga Cheelom. 2015

Who is the youngest richest in Zambia?

Zambia has young men and women who are working hard to amass wealth but Baba Kabaso Mulenga popular known as Spax Mulenga is the Youngest Richest Man in Zambia. The youngest millionaire is based on the Copperbelt Province in the once Zambia’s cleanest town Chingola.

Who is the richest footballer in Zambia 2020?

Patson Daka, the 22-year-old, Red Bull Salzburg forward football player and striker, is the richest football player in Zambia 2020 and 2021.

Who is a richest president in Zambia?

Edgar Lungu Net Worth 2021 Richest President In Zambia | Glusea.com.

What is Brian Roberts net worth?

Net worth $2.1 billion
Nationality American

Who is the best musician in Zambia 2021?

Top 5 Richest Musicians In Zambia 2021 (Summery)

Musician Name Profession Net Worth In Kwacha (2021)
1. Macky 2 Rapper K1.5 million (ZMK)
2. Kayombo Singer K995,000 (ZMK)
3. Slap Dee Rapper K955,000 (ZMK)
4. OC Oscilliation Singer K910,000 (ZMK)

Who is the highest paid musician in Zambia?

Mark Mulaza Kaira, popularly known as Macky 2, is the richest musician in Zambia. The hip hop artiste is a former housemate of Big Brother Africa and finished where he finished third and also the founder of Hope Foundation.

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Who is the richest musicians in Zambia?

Macky 2 – K1 million

Macky 2 is the richest musician in Zambia with a net worth of K 1 million.

Who is the richest musician in Africa 2020?

10 richest musicians in Africa

  • Akon – $80 million. Akon. …
  • Black Coffee – $60 million. Black Coffee at an event. …
  • Davido – $24 million. Davido on set. …
  • Wizkid – $20 million. Wizkid posing. …
  • AKA – $12 million. AKA during a camera shoot. …
  • P-Square – $11 million. P-Square. …
  • Don Jazzy – $10 million. …
  • Sarkodie – $7 million.


Who is the richest footballer?

Top 5 richest footballers in the world

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo. Yep – you guessed it. …
  2. Lionel Messi. In second place is old rival Lionel Messi. …
  3. Neymar Junior. In third place is 26-year-old Neymar Junior. …
  4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic. With an estimate 75 million pounds, Swedish-Bosnian footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in fourth place.
  5. Wayne Rooney.


Who is the richest musician in Ghana 2021?

1. Sarkodie – Net worth $15 million. Sarkodie is the richest musician in Ghana in 2021, with an estimated net worth of $15 million, owing to his hit songs over the years. Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known by his stage name Sarkodie, was born July 10, 1988, in Tema, Ghana, in Africa’s western part .

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