Who is the secretary of Bank of Ghana?

Sandra Thompson, Head of the Secretary’s Department is the Secretary to the Board.

Who is the CEO of Bank of Ghana?

Board of Directors

1. Dr. Ernest Addison Governor (Chairman)
2. Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari 1st Deputy Governor
3. Mrs. Elsie Addo Awadzi 2nd Deputy Governor
4. Mr. Charles Adu-Boahen External Director

Who controls the Bank of Ghana?

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Headquarters Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana
Established 1957
Ownership 100% state ownership
Governor Dr. Ernest Kwamina Yedu Addison
Central bank of Ghana

How many branches of Bank of Ghana do we have?

Headquartered in Accra, it oversees 42 branches across the country.

Is the Bank of Ghana Independent?

The Ghana Commercial Bank was established in 1953 as the first indigenous bank to reduce the control of the banking sector by the two expatriate banks. Immediately after independence in 1957, the Bank of Ghana was established to take control over the management of the country’s currency.

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Who is a governor in Ghana?

Dr Ernest Kwamina Addison was appointed Governor of Bank of Ghana by the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in April 2017.

What are the roles of Bank of Ghana?

The functions and responsibilities of the Central Bank as a Regulator are defined in Act 612 and Act 673 as follows: To regulate, supervise and direct the banking system and credit system to ensure the smooth operation of a safe and sound banking system.

Which bank in Ghana is good for investment?

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana stands out as a great bank with the best investment account providing clients with attractive interest rates. However, other investment banks in Ghana like Ecobank, Access Bank, Fidelity Bank and others give an excellent investment platform and provide beneficial investment accounts.

Do Ghana print their own money?

In the case of Ghana, he said the cedi is printed by De La Rue, a security printing firm based in the United Kingdom. … He, therefore, charged the general public to handle the cedi notes well to help prolong their existence.

Which money does Ghana use?

Ghanaian cedi

What is the safest bank in Ghana?

Global Finance has named GCB Bank Limited as the Safest Bank in Ghana. Of the 33 banks in Ghana only GCB is mentioned in the release which also identified safest commercial and emerging markets among others.

Which bank in Ghana gives the highest interest?

For agriculture, NIB and Republic Bank offered the highest interest rate of 34.8% and 33.5 – 34.2% respectively, while NIB, again, and CAL Bank offered the expensive loans at rates of 29.5 – 34.3% and 29%, respectively in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

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What is the biggest bank in Ghana?

ECOBANK: Ecobank is now the biggest bank in Ghana in terms of operating assets following its merger with The Trust Bank in 2012. Its total assets stood at GHS3.

Who is the First Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana?

Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari is a Ghanaian economist and currently the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana. He was appointed to this position on August 7, 2017.

What is the highest denomination of Ghana cedis?

The Ghanaian New Cedi was introduced on July 3, 2007 and is equal to 10,000 old (Second) Cedis. It was the highest-valued currency unit issued by sovereign countries in Africa in 2007. One Ghanaian New Cedi is divided into one hundred Ghana pesewas.

What caused the current banking crisis in Ghana?

Poor corporate governance has been cited as one of the major causes of the collapse of the seven banks by BoG, and other financial analysts. … The general non-adherence to policies of corporate governance has greatly contributed to the collapse of these banks.

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