Who is VP of Nigeria?

Who is the Vice President of Nigeria now?

Vice President of Nigeria

Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Seal of the Vice President of Nigeria
Incumbent Yemi Osinbajo since 29 May 2015
Executive Branch of the Federal Government
Style Mr. Vice President His Excellency The Honourable

Where is Professor Yemi Osinbajo from?

Лагос, Нигерия

What is the name of Vice President?

Камала Харрис

Who is osinbajo wife?

Долапо Осинбаджов браке с 1989

How old is Buhari now?

78 years (December 17, 1942)

Where is Muhammadu Buhari from?

Daura, Nigeria

Is osinbajo still a pastor in redeem?

Yemi Osinbajo is the Pastor in charge of the Lagos Province 48 (Olive Tree provincial headquarters) of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Dolapo Osinbajo was born on 15 July 1967, and grew up in Ikenne. She is a granddaughter of Obafemi Awolowo, the Nigerian nationalist and Yoruba chief, and his wife Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo, through Awolowo’s daughter Ayodele Soyode (née Awolowo), … In 1990 she was called to the Nigerian Bar.

Which state is vice president of Nigeria from?


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What is the president’s salary?

President of the United States

President of the United States of America
Formation June 21, 1788
First holder George Washington
Salary $400,000 annually
Website www.whitehouse.gov

How many VP are there?

There have been 49 vice presidents of the United States since the office came into existence in 1789. Originally, the vice president was the person who received the second most votes for president in the Electoral College.

How old is osinbajo?

64 years (March 8, 1957)

When was Obafemi Awolowo buried?

May 9, 1987

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