Who owns Shell Kenya?

About us. In Kenya, Shell products and services are provided by Vivo Energy plc, a licensee of the Shell brand. Vivo Energy has operations in 23 countries across North, West, East and Southern Africa.

Who is shell owned by?

Shell Oil Company is the United States-based wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, a transnational corporation “oil major” of Anglo-Dutch origins, which is amongst the largest oil companies in the world.

How many Shell petrol stations in Kenya?

About Vivo Energy

The Shell brand has been in Kenya since 1900. Vivo Energy Kenya has a fuels storage capacity of 87,625 m³ and 178 service stations, with many offering Shell Cards and convenience retail stores.

Does vivo energy own shell?

We acquired a stake in Shell & Vivo Lubricants (SVL), so that it is jointly owned by Vivo Energy (50%) and Shell (50%).

Who owns Vivo Energy Kenya?

Vivo Energy is a Royal Dutch Shell and Engen Petroleum licensee and sources, distributes, markets and supplies fuels and lubricants.

Vivo Energy.

Type Public
Area served Africa
Key people John Daly, Chairman Christian Chammas, CEO
Services Fuel stations
Revenue US$ 6,918 million (2020)
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Is a shell company Illegal?

A shell corporation is a corporation without active business operations or significant assets. These types of corporations are not all necessarily illegal, but they are sometimes used illegitimately, such as to disguise business ownership from law enforcement or the public.

Is Shell Dutch or British?

Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, and incorporated in the United Kingdom as a public limited company.

Which is the best petrol station in Kenya?

Top-tier fuel suppliers in Kenya

  • Shell.
  • Kenol Kobil.
  • Total.
  • National Oil.
  • Gulf.
  • Astrol.
  • Delta.
  • Engen.


How much is Shell Oil Change Philippines?

Top Shell Car Lubricants Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price
Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 1Liter ₱ 761.00
Shell Helix HX8 5W-40 1Liter – Fully Synthetic Gasoline Oil 10K KM Change Oil Interval ₱ 643.98
Shell Helix Hx7 Diesel 10W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil Bundle 7L (6L+1L Free) + Vic Oil Filter C-306 ₱ 2,870.00

How do I start a petrol station in Kenya?

Firstly, choose a strategically located busy area easily accessible and visible in Kenya. Ensure that you obtain a business permit (Ksh 7,500 – Ksh 15,000), Fire Certificate and a Health Certificate for your premises from the Kenya government before you start to operate your petrol business.

What does vivo energy deal with?

Vivo Energy Kenya serves all market segments from retail to commercial customers with a full range of products – automotive fuels, lubricants, aviation fuels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel oil.

When did vivo started?

2009, Dongguan, China

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