Who translated the Bible from English to Yoruba?

The Bible was translated into the Yoruba language by Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

Who translated the Bible to Yoruba?

Samuel Ajayi Crowther translated the Bible into Yoruba language and concluded it in the mid-1880s known as “Bibeli Mimo”. The complete Yoruba Bible was first published in 1884.

When was English Bible translated to Yoruba?

This 1850 edition of the Book of Romans, from the New Testament, is the first book of the Bible translated into Yoruba (a major language of Nigeria). The translator was Samuel Ajayi Crowther (c. 1807–91), a distinguished linguist, scholar and Anglican bishop who was born in what is now south-western Nigeria.

Who translated Bible from English to Swahili?

A little later Bishop Edward Steere in Zanzibar translated into Swahili and published the New Testament and in 1891 the entire Bible.

Where is Samuel Ajayi Crowther from?


Who brought Christianity to Nigeria?

Christianity came to Nigeria in the 15th century through Augustinian and Capuchin monks from Portugal. The first mission of the Church of England was, though, only established in 1842 in Badagry by Henry Townsend.

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What is the history of Ajayi Crowther?

Crowther was born with the name Ajayi in Osogun, in the Egba section of the Yoruba people, in what is now western Nigeria. When about 13, he was taken as a slave by Fulani and Yoruba Muslim raiders and sold several times before being purchased by Portuguese traders for the transatlantic market.

Who translated the Bible to English?

William Tyndale (1494?-1536), who first translated the Bible into English from the original Greek and Hebrew text, is one such forgotten pioneer.

How do you say Bible in Swahili?

“Bible” in Swahili

  1. Biblia.
  2. biblia.
  3. Biblia ya Kikristo.

Which missionary translated the Bible?

Johann Ludwig Krapf
Born 11 January 1810 Tübingen-Derendingen, Germany
Died 26 November 1881 Korntal, Germany
Occupation Christian Missionary

Where are the descendants of Jacob?

The offspring of Jacob’s sons became the tribes of Israel following the Exodus, when the Israelites conquered and settled in the Land of Israel.

When did Ajayi Crowther translate the Bible?

By 1843, Crowther returned to Nigeria where he opened his own ministry alongside Henry Townsend in todays Ogun state, Nigeria and began translating the Bible into the Yoruba langauge. These were not his only projects however as he was also compiling the Yoruba dictionary.

Who is the grandson of Ajayi Crowther?

Herbert Macaulayvia Abigail Crowther

How old was Samuel Ajayi Crowther when he died?

82 years (1809–1891)

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