You asked: Which ministry is in charge of elections in Uganda?

The Electoral Commission of Uganda, also Uganda Electoral Commission, is a constitutionally established organ of the Government of Uganda, whose mandate is to “organise and conduct regular, free and fair elections” in the country, in an efficient, professional and impartial manner.

Who is the head of Electoral Commission in Uganda?

Simon Mugenyi Byabakama

Honorable Simon Mugenyi Byabakama
Years active 1981 — present
Known for Law
Title Justice of the Court of Appeal of Uganda and Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda
Spouse(s) Dorothy Kasaija Mugenyi

Who is in charge Uganda?

The head of state in Uganda is the President, who is elected by a popular vote to a five-year term. This is currently Yoweri Museveni, who is also the head of the armed forces.

How many ministries are there in Uganda?

There are 31 Cabinet ministers and 49 Ministers of State in the Cabinet of Uganda (2016 to 2021).

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How many authorities are there in Uganda?

Public agencies – Found 109 public authorities – Ask Your Government Uganda.

What is the name of electoral commission boss?


Chairman Jean Adukwei Mensa August 2018 – present
Deputy Chairman Eric Asare Bossman August 2018 – present
Deputy Chairman Samuel Tettey August 2018 – present
Member Mrs. Paulina Adobea Dadzawa February 2004 – present

Who appoints the head of the election commission?

Chief Election Commissioner of India
Nominator Government of India
Appointer President of India
Term length 6 years or up to 65 years of age (whichever is earlier)
Deputy Election Commissioners of India Deputy Election Commissioners of India

How much is the President of Uganda paid?

President of Uganda

President of the Republic of Uganda
First holder Kabaka Sir Frederick Edward Mutesa II
Deputy Vice President of Uganda
Salary 183,216 USD annually

What is the government like in Uganda?


Who is the father of Yoweri Museveni?

Amos Kaguta

Who is the current minister of transport in Uganda?

Ministry of Works and Transport (Uganda)

Minister nativename = overview
Jurisdiction Government of Uganda
Headquarters Old Port Bell Road Kampala, Uganda
Minister nativename = executive Monica Azuba Ntege, Minister of Works and Transport
Website Homepage

Who is the current Minister of Tourism in Uganda?

Tom Butime is the new Tourism Minister in Uganda after a Government reshuffle.

Who is the current Minister of Water and Environment in Uganda?

It is responsible for the “sound management and sustainable utilisation of water and environment resources for the betterment of the population of Uganda”.

Ministry of Water and Environment (Uganda)

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Ministry overview
Ministry executive Sam Cheptoris, Minister of Water and Environment

How many local government do we have in Uganda?

is made of 111 districts and 1 City Council, under which there are 174 lower Local Governments Councils and 22 municipalities. Local goverments councils have directly elected representatives that are accountable to the citizens, and have legislative and executive powers.

Who is the Minister of Primary Health Care in Uganda?

State Minister for Primary Healthcare – Joyce Moriku.

Who is the minister for security in Uganda?

List of government ministries of Uganda

Government Body Head
Ministry of Local Government Raphael Magyezi
Ministry of the Presidency Esther Mbulakubuza Mbayo
Ministry of Public Service Wilson Muruli Mukasa
Ministry of Internal Security Elly Tumwine
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