Your question: How long does it take from Istanbul to Morocco?

How long is flight from Istanbul to Morocco?

The total flight duration from Istanbul, Turkey to Casablanca, Morocco is 4 hours, 38 minutes.

Is Morocco close to Turkey?

Distance from Morocco to Turkey is 3,892 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Morocco and Turkey is 3,892 km= 2,418 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Morocco to Turkey, It takes 4.32 hours to arrive.

Can I fly from Turkey to Morocco?

The best way to get from Turkey to Morocco is to fly which takes 6h 29m and costs 1.100 ₺ – 10.000 ₺. Alternatively, you can bus via Barcelona, which costs and takes 3 days 12h. … The quickest flight from Istanbul Airport to Marrakech Airport is the direct flight which takes 5h 25m.

How long is a direct flight to Morocco?

How long is the flight to Morocco? An average direct flight from the United Kingdom to Morocco takes 11h 09m, covering a distance of 1371 miles. The most popular route is London – Marrakech with an average flight time of 3h 30m.

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How far is Istanbul from Morocco?

Distance To Morocco From Istanbul is: 5517 miles / 8878.75 km / 4794.14 nautical miles.

Is Morocco cheaper than Turkey?

Turkey is 10.4% cheaper than Morocco.

Is Morocco more expensive than Turkey?

Morocco is 28.8% more expensive than Turkey.

What is the Race of Morocco?

The Moroccan population is mainly made up of Arabs, a mixture of Arab-Berber and Sunni Muslims of Berber descent. There is also a group of people referred to as the Gnaoua and Haratin, which are a highly mixed or black race of people.

How far is Turkey from Greece?

The distance between Turkey and Greece is 1124 km.

Which airlines fly direct to Morocco?

Direct flights to Morocco can be boarded via Royal Air Maroc in the United States, with the international tourist market served by a full range of carriers, including but not limited to Air France, Emirates, Delta, British Airways, Iberia, Lufthansa, KLM, TAP Portugal, and Aeroflot.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Morocco?

High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Morocco is February.

What is the best place to stay in Morocco?

10 Best Places to Stay in Morocco

  • Riad Kniza, Marrakech. Credit: …
  • Les Cinq Djellabas, Marrakech. Credit: …
  • Riad Villa Blanche, Agadir. Credit: …
  • Villa Maroc, Essaouira. Credit: …
  • Villa Josephine, Tangier. …
  • Terra Mia Marrakech. …
  • Riyad el Cadi, Marrakech. …
  • Palais Amani, Fez.


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