Your question: Is clinical medicine on demand in Zambia?

Although there is a demand for qualified doctors in Zambia, there is also a substantial requirement throughout the African continent. Therefore, pursuing clinical medicine in Zambia can also open a world of opportunities for future doctors.

How long is clinical medicine in Zambia?

It is 4-year programme that combines theory in basic and applied biomedical science, and practical clinical skills in medicine, pediatrics, reproductive medicine and surgery in accredited hospitals.

Are doctors in demand in Zambia?

According to the Medical Journal of Zambia and the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the Doctor-patient ratio is 1:1200 which shows the pressing demand for doctors in Zambia. This is way beyond the acceptable standard of 1:500. This shows that Zambia has a shortage of 3,000 doctors.

Do medical students get paid in Zambia?

Medicine is one of the highest-paid industries not only in Zambia but also across the globe. A doctor’s starting salary will be K5,000 to as high as K23,000, a fair starting compensation after medical school. It covers other benefits such as housing, transport, and many more.

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Which universities offer clinical medicine in Zambia?

  • Copperbelt University School of Medicine.
  • University of Lusaka School of Medicine.
  • Cavendish University School of Medicine.
  • Lusaka Apex Medical University.
  • Levy Mwanawasa Medical University.
  • Mulungushi University School of Medicine.
  • Texila American University Zambia.


What is the salary of a clinical officer in Zambia?

A person working in Health and Medical in Zambia typically earns around 8,960 ZMK per month. Salaries range from 1,870 ZMK (lowest average) to 26,800 ZMK (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

What does a clinical officer do in Zambia?

A clinical officer performs general and specialized medical duties such as diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, ordering and interpreting medical tests, performing routine medical and surgical procedures, referring patients to other practitioners and managing health departments, institutions, projects and …

Who is the best doctor in Zambia?

Doctors & Medical Practitioners in Zambia

  • Dr Yizenge Chondola A Dr Yizenge Chondola A. …
  • Dr Magomedova Saidat Dr Magomedova Saidat. …
  • Dr Simon Chisi Dr Simon Chisi. …
  • Dr Jb Zulu Dr Jb Zulu. …
  • Dr Glynn Khonje Ac Dr Glynn Khonje Ac. …
  • Dr Maureen Jandulo Dr Maureen Jandulo. …
  • Dr Muntemba Simwaayi Dr Muntemba Simwaayi. …
  • Dr Koffman Stanley Dr Koffman Stanley.

How many years does it take to become a doctor in Zambia?

What are the steps to become a doctor in Zambia? Usually, it will take six to eight years (depending on your higher education route) to complete your medical training after schooling and get your license to practice as a doctor in Zambia.

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How long does it take to become a doctor in Zambia?

It takes a long period of time for one to attain full registration as a medical doctor in Zambia. It takes 7 years to be in the medical school,4 years in the classroom setting and the remaining 3 years are in the hospital setting.

How much do junior doctors earn in Zambia?

How much Doctors Earn in Zambia (Salary Range) Contemporary Zambian Doctors or trained Physician, earn between the range from 6,180 ZMK for those with low experience, qualification, and experience of less than five years to 25,800 ZMK.

How much do public health workers get paid in Zambia?

The average public health salary of a Public Health Specialist in Zambia is ZMW 411,245.67–641,764.54 per Annum. It translates to $22,000–35,000 per annum, which is three times more than the average take-home earning in Zambia.

How much do dentists earn in Zambia?

A person working as a Dentist in Zambia typically earns around 13,700 ZMK per month. Salaries range from 7,100 ZMK (lowest) to 20,900 ZMK (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What are the qualifications of a clinical officer in Zambia?


  • Five ‘O’ levels or equivalent as in (A) above.
  • Diploma in Clinical Medical Sciences.
  • Minimum 2 years working experience.
  • 2018 practicing licence from the Health Professions Council of Zambia.

Can a clinical officer become a doctor in Zambia?

Zambia. In Zambia, clinical officers who complete a two-year advanced diploma course are called medical licentiates. Medical licentiates have advanced skills in medicine and surgery and may be deployed interchangeably with physicians.

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What is the best medical school in Zambia?

Best Universities To Medical Courses in Zambia 2021

Number School Affiliation
1 Texila American University Zambia Texila American University
2 University of Zambia School of Medicine University of Zambia
3 University of Lusaka School of Medicine University of Lusaka
4 CUZ School of Medicine Cavendish University Zambia
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