Your question: What are the environmental impacts of economic growth in Nigeria?

There are issues with oil spills, industrial pollution, deforestation, desertification and the usual environmental issues associated with the rapid growth of urban areas.

What is environmental impact of economic growth?

The environmental impact of economic growth includes the increased consumption of non-renewable resources, higher levels of pollution, global warming and the potential loss of environmental habitats. However, not all forms of economic growth cause damage to the environment.

What are the environmental impacts of urban growth in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, urbanization process has created severe negative environmental impacts, such as pollution, deforestation and wetland destruction, erosion and flooding, urban sprawl, slum and squatter settlement, heat island and aesthetic degradation, which have had dire consequences on both human and other living organisms …

What are the effects of economic development in Nigeria?

With over 50% of the population living in poverty, specific challenges need to be met. These include: tackling government corruption to ensure wealth reaches everyone. addressing environmental issues that have resulted from rapid economic development, such as soil erosion, water pollution, desertification and oil …

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What is the impact of the environment on the economy and economics?

Natural resources are essential inputs for production in many sectors, while production and consumption also lead to pollution and other pressures on the environment. Poor environmental quality in turn affects economic growth and wellbeing by lowering the quantity and quality of resources or due to health impacts, etc.

What are the impacts of economic growth?

Economic growth creates higher tax revenues, and there is less need to spend money on benefits such as unemployment benefit. Therefore economic growth helps to reduce government borrowing. Economic growth also plays a role in reducing debt to GDP ratios.

Can economic growth and environmental concerns coexist?

Many pragmatists and realists believe that both economic growth and environment concerns cannot coexist peacefully. In order to improve either of the two aspects, one has to be compromised upon. … This proves that even with economic growth, environmental issues and concerns can still be acted upon.

What are the environmental problems in Nigeria?

Urbanization, deforestation, desertification, over population and all kinds of pollution are some of the resultant effects of man’s interaction with his environment. These changes occur as the people attempt to acquire their seemingly endless desire for food, shelter, recreation and infrastructural facilities.

What is the environmental context of Nigeria?

Nigeria spans several climatic regions. To the south, it experiences a tropical climate, whereas toward the north it is much drier. Rainforest thrives in the equatorial climate in southern Nigeria. Tree crops in this area include cocoa, palm oil and rubber.

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What are the problems of urbanization in Nigeria?

This migration and resultant urbanisation have been argued to have brought about a variety of problems such as poor security, extreme crime rates, high unemployment, high poverty rate, slums, insecurity and environmental degradation among others (Agbola, 2004; National Planning Policy, 2012).

What are the two serious effects of economic development?

Economic development brought in its wake higher standards of living, better food, adequate clothing and shelter, as also protection from the natural disasters of drought and famine. There also occurred improvement in medical facilities and health care.

Why is Nigeria an important country?

What is the regional importance of Nigeria? Nigeria has the fastest growing economy in Africa and the highest GNP on the continent. Nigeria has the largest population on the continent and the third-largest manufacturing sector. The country also has the largest agricultural output and the highest number of cattle.

Why Nigeria is a developing country?

Nigeria. Nigeria is not a developed country by any reasonable measure. The country’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) is much too low, as are the country’s living standards. … Nigeria also suffers from low literacy rates, poor health care, and a stratospheric infant mortality rate.

How is the economy affected by pollution?

Indian cities have scored unfavorably in air pollution indexes for years and the issue costs the country $150 billion per year on average. In 2018, the cost of dirty air equated to 6.6 percent of Chinese GDP, 5.4 percent of India’s GDP and 3 percent of U.S. GDP. The economic burden of air pollution.

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Does environmental regulation hurt the economy?

Despite the rhetoric, economists have not found clear evidence of the net effect of environmental regulations on employment. The impact often depends on the type of industry and the health of the economy. But there is little indication that environmental regulations substantially impact overall employment figures.

Why is sustainable development important for economic growth?

Sustainable development is important for economic growth because: (i) Environment must be conserved while development is taking place. (ii) Resources must be used in such a way that something is conserved for future generations. (iii) The standard of living of all people must be raised.

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