Your question: What is the work of Nigeria Correctional Service?

The Nigerian Correction Service is statutorily expected to take into lawful custody all those duly certified to be so kept by courts of competent jurisdiction, Produce suspects and other prisoners in courts as and when due, Identify the causes of their anti-social disposition, set in motion mechanisms for their …

What are the functions of correctional services?

The aim of the Department of Correctional Services is to contribute towards maintaining and protecting a just, peaceful and safe society, by enforcing court-imposed sentences, detaining inmates in safe custody, whilst maintaining their human dignity and developing their sense of social responsibility and promoting the …

What is the salary of Nigerian Correctional Service?

How much money does a Prison Officer make in Nigeria? A person working as a Prison Officer in Nigeria typically earns around 150,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 80,800 NGN (lowest) to 226,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What is Nigerian prisons now called?

The Nigerian Correctional Service(NCoS), formerly known as Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) is a government agency of Nigeria which operates prisons. The agency is headquartered in Abuja, and it is under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Defence Immigration and Correctional Service.

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What are the 5 goals of the correctional system?

Citing at least 2 sources, how effective has U.S. Corrections been at achieving these 5 goals? (350 words) The five goals of corrections are; retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation and restoration. In the goal of retribution the punishment is imposed on criminal by sentencing a judge.

What are the four functions of Corrections?

Four different goals of corrections are commonly espoused: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation.

How many prisons do we have in Nigeria?


Prison population total (including pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners) 65 283 at 26.4.2021 (national prison administration)
Foreign prisoners (percentage of prison population) 0.3% (30.6.2014)
Number of establishments / institutions 240 (July 2018)
Official capacity of prison system 50 153 (July 2018)

How many prisons does Nigeria have?

There are 240 prisons in Nigeria and one of the prisons is able to accommodate about 50,000 people, which is their official capacity, but still many are overcrowded. Most of the prisoners are males which are about 74,000 and only about 2% are females which are about 1,500.

What is the biggest problem in corrections today?

Some major contemporary issues resulting from these social, economic and environmental changes facing correctional administrators include the changing trend in prison population, overcrowding in correctional facilities, improvement of prison conditions, increase of drug-related offenders, shortage of effective …

What are the goals of Correctional Counseling?

The primary goal of correctional counselors is to intervene therapeutically with various clients, the majority of whom happen to be offenders. These interventions include prison adjustment, prerelease and postrelease vocational and marital/family readjustment, and work with adolescent adjustment problems.

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What should I say in a correctional officer interview?

Possible interview questions you may face

  • Can you tell me something about yourself? …
  • Why do you want to work as a correctional officers? …
  • What do you want to achieve on this position? …
  • Have you ever been to prison? …
  • Can you tell me something more about your working experience? …
  • Have you ever worked with inmates?
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