Your question: Which movie star became the US ambassador to Ghana?

Shirley Temple
9th United States Ambassador to Ghana
In office December 6, 1974 – July 13, 1976
President Gerald Ford
Preceded by Fred L. Hadsel

What did Shirley Temple do after acting?

Being America’s sweetheart didn’t last forever — and neither did her success at the box office as she grew up. By the age of 22, she officially retired from show business, eventually paving a prominent career for herself in politics, which lasted longer than her time in Hollywood.

How old is Shirley Temple now?

Temple died on February 10, 2014, at her home near San Francisco, California. She was 85 years old.

Who did Shirley Temple marry?

Ширли Темпл/Супруг или супруга

What was Shirley Temple’s net worth?

Shirley Temple Net Worth

Net Worth: $30 Million
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Politician, Singer, Actor, Diplomat, Dancer
Nationality: United States of America
Last Updated: 2021

Did Shirley Temple have children?

Ширли Темпл/Дети

Did Shirley Temple have naturally curly hair?

Shirley’s hair was naturally not very curly. Before each show, her mother would put in 56 curlers to create her famous ringlets. … Temple’s entertainment career ended before most stars’ careers began. She rededicated her interests to the public sector, connecting with the government.

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Is Shirley Temple Black dead?

Deceased (1928–2014)

WHAT IS A Shirley?

The Shirley Temple is probably the most famous mocktail ever. This classic mix of ginger ale and grenadine with a squeeze of lemon or lime topped with maraschino cherries is believed to be the world’s first mocktail. And it’s still alive and well today.

Is Shirley Temple alive today?

In 1988, she published her autobiography, Child Star. Temple was the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Kennedy Center Honors and a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.

Shirley Temple
Born April 23, 1928 Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Died February 10, 2014 (aged 85) Woodside, California, U.S.

Why did Shirley Temple leave her first husband?

Finally, just four years after marrying Agar, Temple filed for divorce from her first husband. She cited “mental cruelty” as the reason for the divorce, which she was granted – along with custody of the couple’s daughter – at the end of 1949.

How old was Shirley Temple when she had her first child?

At the age of 20, Shirley welcomed her first child with John. Linda Susan Agar was born on January 30, 1948. In 1949, Shirley starred in The Story of Seabiscuit.

Who did John Agar marry?

Джон Агар/Супруг или супруга

Where did Shirley Temples money go?

Shirley Temple’s fortune was built after she quit acting

The rest had gone to her parents and other family members. Sadly, this isn’t an uncommon experience for child stars. HuffPost also reports that laws designed to protect the income of these actors still leaves 85 percent of it up for grabs.

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Did Shirley Temple’s parents take her money?

So, you can imagine the surprise of Shirley Temple, an adult at the time, when she discovered her accounts only showed $44,000 instead of the $3.2 million she had earned. Her father had allegedly failed to place her earnings as a child star in a court-ordered trust.

What age did Shirley Temple die?

85 years (1928–2014)

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