Empowering African Women with Self-Love

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I’m a lifestyle blogger who is passionate about seeing the state of women in developing countries improve. My goal is to work towards creating a new generation of women leaders in every sector on the African continent. This starts with empowerment.

I believe an empowered woman is three things. She is economically independent. She has the ability to make key decisions affecting herself, especially regarding her health and her body. Finally, she demonstrates the ability to empower other women around her.

In many families across the continent, African women are now the breadwinners. Unlike just a few years ago, African women now have the ability to keep their families afloat.

We now see several women holding key positions in the government and major organisations, in Uganda and the rest of Africa. We have also seen the rise of several female presidents over the last few years, which was unimaginable a few years ago. African women have moved nurturing from just the household to their positions in the workplace. This is transforming them immensely.

African women has many stereotypes working against them. To be empowered, there is a necessary first step: Learning to love oneself.

African women have many stereotypes working against them. To be empowered, there is a necessary first step: Learning to love oneself.


Getting Past Stereotypes

3rd Culture Chic shares the latest lifestyle trends in Uganda. Initially, it was my passion for the arts, media, and all things lifestyle related. Eventually, I figured it was a way for me to express myself, to share with my readers the amazing things my country has to offer.

Africa is a beautiful and cultured place with lots of things to offer. From the wildlife to the nightlife to the fashion scene, we are a beautiful continent offering some of the finest tastes, most beautiful clothes, sceneries, and people. I would like to dispel the myth that Africa is a poor and dark continent.

I also wrote about the concept of self-love, especially for African women. This is something I had also struggled with for so long. My audience is mostly women 20 to about 55. I have my mother’s friends reading the blog and sharing the links! So it’s quite a diverse audience.


Inspiration for African Women

The blog chronicles the journeys of women doing amazing things in their fields through the #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) series. Through this series, we get to see that many African women are rising above the stereotypes that have for so long worked against them, engaging in fields that for so long have been dominated by men.

Over the next two years, I would like to transform 3rd Culture Chic into a platform that shares the stories of women doing tremendous things for themselves. African women who create change for other women on the continent. I would also like this platform to be a place to which other young women can come for professional advice.

Starting this year, 3rd Culture Chic will be involved with a mentorship program for young professional or entrepreneurial women in Uganda. They will be paired with some prominent women who have agreed to come on board as mentors to guide them on their professional journeys and also share with them about family, love, and life in general.

3rd Culture Chic will also be launching a supper club later this year. The proceeds from these events will go into supporting maternal health in Uganda. We have a lot of things planned, it’s really exciting.

A Valentine’s Day Message for African Women

Oscar Wilde once said, “the love of oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” These are words I live by every day. I think other women should also remember this every day.

The best way to build your self-esteem, and eventually set out to do all the things you’ve ever dreamed of, is by loving yourself. You have to want the very best for yourself first. There are no two ways about it!

So, on this Valentine’s Day, give yourself the best gift of all: learn to love yourself despite all the stereotypes against you!