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For curvy ladies, fashion can be a challenge. With the media telling us what the ideal female body type is like everyday, body image struggle is a daily reality.

Jackie Waceke Githieya is a curvy lady with a passion for fashion. She quit her day job to start Fashion Fabled, a leading blog from East Africa dedicated for curvy ladies. She shares her story on her journey, and provides some handy tips on what curvy ladies should avoid.


Jackie Waceke Githieya, giving hope to curvy ladies

Jackie Waceke Githieya, giving hope to curvy ladies


How I Decided to be a Fashion Blogger

My passion for fashion came by when I was a kid from my mum. We were the best dressed while going to church and parties.

Fashion in the 90’s was simple yet edgy. I used to raid my mum’s closet, trying to fit into her clothes and shoes. Instead of applying lipstick on my lips I used nail polish for it to stick longer – although after that I would get a beating.

I used to collect fashion magazines and cut the models and clothes. I would stick them on the wall. Every time I woke up, those were the first things I would see.

To that end, some people find it strange that I am not a fashion designer. I love fashion, but I do not aspire to be a fashion designer. Fashion design involves creating the actual clothes that would be sold to a consumer and putting in the hard work.

Fashion blogging is much simpler. Starting a fashion blog is easy, because the resources are available on the internet. All the information you need to keep you updated is a click away. Besides, this is where my passion lies.


The Low Points…

When I decided to quit my full time job to do my blogging, people around me thought I was out of my mind. How are you going to make money out of it? How is it helping you grow? So many questions that I didn’t know how to explain to them.

I lost friends because I couldn’t keep up with their social lifestyle. I had so many emotional breakdowns because nobody believed in my dream. I felt like I was a bother to people. I became so broke that even leaving the house was not an option for me.

I struggled a lot while getting my work done. Since I had no laptop, I had to keep going to a cyber to access the internet work. Before I could afford a decent camera phone, I was using my friend’s phone to take photos. Of course, these were not up to standards, but I kept going.

Now, I have reached a level of success where I have my own personal photographer. I thank God for that. It really shows that you should not give up.


… And the Highlights

In late 2013, I was featured on the online African women magazine. It was one of my happiest moments. I didn’t expect an east African online platform to be interested in my work! Since then, I have also been featured on the Star newspaper, Saturday edition, here in Kenya. People are noticing this young hardworking girl.

There are many other humbling moments. I have been stopped on the streets by people telling me how they love my style and my work. They leave me with encouraging words. And since my family finally got to know what I’m really doing, their support has been incredible.


Body Image Struggles, and How I Got Over It

I struggled with my body image for as long as I can remember. I’m naturally a big girl. My shoe size is 7 UK, my bra cup size is 36DD, hips 45 sumptuous. I also have big lips that got me bullied. The list is endless.

I wanted to be a size 8 so I can be liked by boys. My ideal shape was being skinny, small breasts, no hips. Looking like the Barbie dolls I used to play with. I never used to walk with my head up high because I thought I was too ugly and fat.

Getting items to fit my body was a problem. I squeezed myself in my sister’s clothes and shoes so I can look smaller. I didn’t know not having right-fitting shoes and bras have a long term effect. In college, I got to a point where I would starve myself so I can fit in. I ended up finding myself in the hospital.

Upon recovery, I decided to love myself more. I cannot be someone else. And after a heart-to-heart talk with my sister, I realised my big lips, nappy hair, and ageless skin are the things people are paying to get. It was time to stop being selfish and embrace being curvy .


Fashion Styles and Troubles for Curvy Ladies

My fashion style is simple, edgy and versatile to.

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That being said, curvy ladies like myself generally have problems with the following items.


Low cut dresses

Low-cut dresses is where curvy ladies have the biggest struggle with. The bust area makes it hard I try as much as possible not to have a low cut dress. This is the lowest I can have on.

Not a low cut dress? No problem!

Not a low cut dress? No problem!

Skinny jeans

For curvy ladies, finding fitting trousers is always an issue. At times, you would get a perfect fit – then you realize the crotch area looks quite weird with lines running from one end to another. Most of my skinny jeans leave the store straight to the tailor for perfect fitting.


In my opinion, tights were made for curvy ladies.They are so comfortable and flexible for the day. Since I started living healthy and going to the gym, I can manage to rock my tights with crop tops.

Rock my tights with crop tops!

Rock my tights with crop tops!

Tight bodycons

For curvy ladies, getting into this kind of dress requires help. It can also get tiring since you can’t breathe properly. You also can’t eat too much while in it.

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Body-hugging skirts

Body-hugging skirts keep pulling up when worn by curvy ladies. This makes it uncomfortable walking in the streets. I make sure I have a bright boyfriend jacket to shift attention from it.

Wear some bright on top to shift attention from it!

Wear some bright on top to shift attention from it!

Strapless tops

This may be the hardest of all. Curvy ladies can’t wear strapless tops without support for the breasts. You need to make sure your bra straps are either colourless or the same colour as the top.

Sports attire

Getting the right sports bra for curvy ladies is like trying to feed a baby: things keep spilling all over the place. I have to put on a bra first, then the sports bra second.


I love wearing shorts. I can have them anytime when I’m indoors. But, for curvy ladies, going out of the house with them can be a challenge.


My Aspiration for Fashion Fabled

With Fashion Fabled, I hope to motivate and inspire people through my style journey. I also with to be the most popular and respected blog for curvy ladies. Finally, I hope the blog can grow to be a business that can give back to the community by giving a place for people to explore and learn of their true passion in life.
Curvy ladies, remember: Loving your curves in every aspect is the best thing you can ever do in your life. Be proud of who you are, stay healthy and stay winning.




Photo credits – Jackie Waceke Githieya

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