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Last time, I talked about my passion for improving professionalism and service quality in Africa. I talked about this in relation to my job as a trainer and consultant. But I have barely scratched the surface on something else I mentioned: The ServiceMag, a service delivery magazine in Rwanda that I founded.

I am happy to announce that our service delivery magazine will actually be six years old in March this year. It has not been easy. Every single issue, I’d tell myself that that it was going to be the last issue that I’d be doing. But it has been twenty-four issues, and we are still counting!

Being a trainer puts me in a position to see the problem of our service industries in a larger picture. People simply do not have the right knowledge. I try to train people, empower and enlighten them, educating them through the different issues. But training simply isn’t enough.

That’s where ServiceMag comes in. The service delivery magazine explains why and how to approach different issues differently and in the right way. It is also a free magazine, which anyone can read.  Knowledge will not depend strictly on me being physically there to train people.


Rwanda-based service delivery magazine, ServiceMag, tries to fill in the gap of knowledge for people in the service industry. Here is their story.

Rwanda-based service delivery magazine, ServiceMag, tries to fill in the gap of knowledge for people in the service industry. Here is their story.

Loyal Readers and Demanding Customers

Our readers play a huge part in supporting the service delivery magazine. They share positive feedback and tell us how the articles have helped them move forward and provide better services. We have become very connected in that way.

Six years ago, no one talked about service excellence. Today, people are comparing and recommending places where good services can be found. This is a good sign that people nowadays know their rights for good service.

From hospitals to restaurants, expectations are now being set. People are more open to sharing their compliments and complaints. This, in turn, will improve the industry as a whole. In a small way, we believe that our service delivery magazine has played a part in this change.


Our Service Delivery Magazine in the Coming Years

As we are based in Rwanda, we mostly cover service sector issues in the country. But for the coming years, we plan to expand our service delivery magazine to the entire region of East Africa. We plan to  distribute in Uganda, Tanzania, and other countries. We want to talk about customer service in the bigger picture of East Africa.

As ours is a free magazine, we also hope to get more sponsors and advertisements. We want to be able to do this without sacrificing our quality. We are a team of twelve people, but we strongly believe in quality content, design, photography, and vibrant social platforms.

Africans have complained enough. Now is the time for us, both diasporas and those living in Africa, to take this opportunity to prove ourselves and build a better continent. It is our commitment, as a service delivery magazine, to help such a transformation for Africa’s future.