Kenyan Food – My Kind of Breakfast

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kenyan food, like our breakfast, is usually high on carbs with, rice and donuts involved. But one can always alter the recipe a little to fit his or her daily needs.

Breakfast, in general, is a meal that should not be taken lightly. We are most active in the morning, so we will need all the energy that we can get.

For weight watchers, breakfast can be good for your waistline too. Research shows that people who take their breakfast are less likely to be overweight compared to those who doesn’t. Why? Those who skip breakfast tend to reach for high sugar and or even high-carbo afternoon snacks.

When I am in a rush, a bowl of cereal will do just fine. On more relaxed days, like the weekends, I will take my time and prepare something more hearty and filling. Sometimes I prepare myself a proper Kenyan breakfast, intercontinental breakfast, or a self-created Meshack style fusion breakfast. I just like to whip up something that I will eat slowly and enjoy it without any rush.


My Kind of Breakfast – Kenyan food + Intercontinental Fusion

I always liked a bowl of hot porridge (millet), eggs prepared in different ways, some french toast, and muffins. I usually prepare a nice cup of masala tea to go along. If I want to feel a little healthier, I will squeeze out some fresh orange or mango juice.

At times, when I miss my home back in Kenya or Kenyan food in general, I will make my own Meshack style breakfast. I will fry a batch of Mandazi (African doughnut), and sometimes boil some sweet potatoes, arrowroots, or maize to complement.

The result? I go into food coma. That’s what I call breakfast.

Of course, if you prefer a healthier breakfast, you can replace donuts with sweet potatoes or cassava. You can also and add fruits and beans to your cereal.


Meshack style fusion breakfast - A fusion of Kenyan food and  Intercontinental breakfast

Meshack style fusion breakfast – A fusion of Kenyan food and Intercontinental breakfast

The Bacon Taboo

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that processed meat products can cause cancer. But hey! Once in awhile, a slice of good bacon and a stick of sausage is okay. We cannot avoid the fact that bacon and sausages are the things that puts the smile on our faces when it comes to breakfast!

Just remember that everything has to be taken in moderation. Consuming bacon on a daily basis is not just unhealthy, it is boring as well. For a healthier alternative, you can try tuna chunks tossed with some salad. Add some balsamic vinegar or sesame to give it some flavour. This is also a great breakfast supplement that has both meat and greens.


Adding some healthy Kenyan food alternative - Yam and sweet potatos

Adding some healthy Kenyan food alternative – Yam and sweet potatos

The Power Breakfast

Some people prefer to keep it simple with just cereal and fruit. I would add some mixed nuts and dried fruit into my muesli or granola. This mixture gives one the necessary boost they need for the morning. This power breakfast definitely have some mighty vitamins packed within!

With much said, I hope the above mentioned has given you some inspiration for your next breakfast!

What is your favourite type of breakfast?