Manciny and the Growing World of African Menswear

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As we have established in a couple of previous articles, the world of fashion in Africa is steadily growing, with more and more creative and talented young people dabbling in the venture for both Women’s wear and African Menswear.

Today, we talk to Manciny Migwi, the founder of M∆ΠC|ΠY fashion line.


M∆ΠC|ΠY’s story

The earliest memory I have of dabbling into anything fashion related is as a young girl cutting out models from old magazines and pasting them on the wardrobe using home made glue for fun.

Later in life, Fashion was always a side hustle whenever I wanted extra cash. Owing to my eccentric dress sense, and realizing it came effortless to me, I decided to pursue it full time because I felt that there was a void in the market place for a stylish and practical wardrobe designed with men in mind. I believe M∆ΠC|ΠY caters to that need by ensuring its clients maintain a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic look without breaking the bank.

M∆ΠC|ΠY designs consciously, sourced sustainably, and manufactures all its products locally in Kenya.

There are three lines under M∆ΠC|ΠY, which are as follows:


Being a gentleman is a matter of choice – this is the principle that inspires and guides M∆ΠC|ΠY’s Urban Gentleman collection which caters to the modern day gentleman and helps him develop a certain wardrobe style that complements his personality. The M∆ΠC|ΠY Man’s style is ballsy, minimalist, retro, vintage, classic, non-conformist, and effortless.



My appreciation for nature and an awareness of my carbon footprints gave birth to this line, which embraces ethical alternatives to the fashion industry’s resource intensiveness and wasteful practices. This line is devoted to sustainability, and is steadily gathering steam as it expresses ecological, social and community consciousness. It is the fastest growing approach in the global fashion world. It has become very popular because it is fresh, innovative, and elegant, thanks to the growing environmental awareness.



This product offering is a fantastic range of bespoke clothing and accessories that have the brilliant prowess of our rich African culture, strength, identity, and attitude expressed with colors and fabrics native to the African continent – Ankara & Batik. Other mediums include, but not limited to, Khaki, Lace, Taffeta, Khanga, etc.

Githaiga - Agbada 2


The growing world of men’s fashion in Africa

The trend and buying behavior of customers has changed with the increasing number of people who wants to create a style of their own. Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma, and a major change in the way men view style is positioning the menswear market for major growth.

Menswear is a niche market, but, today, the Kenyan man is trendier and more fashion conscious. He is willing to spend to look good.

During a style consult, I usually inquire from the clients if they have style muses whose style they appreciate and admire, and, with that, I could create a look suited to their dream look. When doing a wardrobe overhaul, complementing what’s already existing in someone’s wardrobe has proved successful.


GQ is my Style Bible, and Pinterest my worst addiction yet. I encourage my clients to pin and read widely on style and find inspiration in their day to day.

Regardless of personal fashion, though, I believe everyone needs a capsule collection of classic, versatile, practical, and quintessential pieces that seamlessly integrate within their wardrobe regardless of where they fall in their personal style spectrum, formal or casual.


SS2014 Manciny Woodin Patterned Blazer