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Kenya is typically a tropical highland with sunny days, mild daily temperatures, and cool nights.
The rainy seasons are March to May, mid-October to mid-December.

In June/July season, temperature can drop to 10°C (50 °F). Warmest part of the year is from December to March, when temperatures is around mid-twenties during the day.

Getting Connected
Kenya’s Nairobi has one of the best broadband infrastructure in the country while Kenya has been ranked the 4th fastest country to surf the internet in Africa, after Ghana.

Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, said in an e-mail “Africa is a huge long-term market for us. We have to start by helping people get online, and the creativity of the people will take care of the rest.”

Mobile services

Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
1 USD – 86.45 Ksh

Emergency numbers

Volts conversion
All regions in Kenya are supplied with 240 volts AC

Currently, public transport in Nairobi is managed and run by the private sector, most of whom operate a few mini-buses and a host of 14-seater vans locally referred to as ‘Matatus’ which have been blamed for disorder on city roads.

We would recommend having a phone number or two of a taxi driver so that you can call various tourist / lunch spots could also call for you and downtown there are lots of taxis around.