Self Development: The Key to Reach One’s Dreams

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Before starting my own business, I worked in an 8-to-5 job. I would go through the ups and downs most people experience at work. But I was always curious to know what other people around the world went through in their work-lives.

As I got on the Internet, I found out that a lot of people went through the same things I experienced. I shared similar frustrations, expectations, and dreams with a lot of people.

I decided to start pursuing my personal goals and blog about it. I assumed that there would be crucial advice from those that had succeeded. I was right.

They had one thing in common: self-development. No matter what you want to do, what kind of person you want to become. If you truly wanted to live a life rich in happiness and achievement, you need self-development.


Learning and Sharing Self Development

I was influenced by Michael Hyatt, especially his blog and his podcast. It’s about taking action on self-development and personal growth. I learned so much from him.

This was profound. It was because of self-development that I now make video games and run my own software development company. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

I felt like I needed to share what I had learned. I want to make this kind of content even more discoverable. I have always wanted to give back to the community. Creating awareness of self-development is very important in this regard.


Getting Over Your Fear, Little By Little

Through self-development, I have figured out what I truly want to every day when I wake up. I have gained confidence in approaching opportunities that I would have otherwise felt too intimidated by.

Initially, I wasn’t very confident when I had to pitch ideas. I feared rejection. The prospect was enough to paralyze me. Even a lack of feedback got me thinking that I had no clue what I was doing.

But self-development changed that. After reading about other people’s experiences and techniques to overcome this self-induced fear, I slowly began to gain confidence talking to people I had never met before. I became confident to send kind reminders for my pitches.

These may seem small, but if you sum up these little changes in how you react to situations, they amount to a larger, more significant personal transformation. This is the true key to self-development.

Self-development means many things to many people. For Leon Kidando, this is what has enabled him to reach his childhood dream of starting a game company.

Self-development means many things to many people. For Leon Kidando, this is what has enabled him to reach his childhood dream of starting a game company.


Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

I often feel that today, many people lack reflection. The ability to identify what’s preventing you from getting closer to the life you desire. This is a crucial factor in self-development. The purpose is so that you can slowly start taking small, corrective action in your life.

I spend about 3 hours every week to think about where I currently am in life. I usually start with my personal health, my mood or energy levels, the progress I made so far trying to accomplish my dreams, my relationships, and so on.

I evaluate each area and make sure that I’m either okay, or working on becoming okay in that area. That’s self-development in its concrete form. In the past, I would just let months and even years go by without pausing to really find out if everything is well with me, and if I’m still aligned with my goals!

It’s easy to neglect this. Life can distract us so easily that we end up never thinking about ourselves. It’s easy to forget to ask if we are on the right track towards achieving what we want most.

Contentment can be the enemy of self-development. Life can be just good enough that we don’t need to take our own goals seriously. Just isn’t bad enough that we need to start panicking. Thus we end up with vague goals that lack any discernible meaning.

Don’t Prevent Yourself From Being Great

The only person who can prevent you from being great is yourself. I share life experiences, facts about situations I research, and positive encouraging content to this end. I hope this motivates people in self-development. To take themselves to the level they know they should be in. To take action towards making progress in their lives.

All too often, people judge themselves too early on what they can and cannot do. So they end up doing very little. With my self-development blog, I simply want people to be more aware of how this kind of thinking prevents you from making progress on the things that matter in your life.

In the end, whatever you think of most will become your reality. I have always dreamed of making video games. So I do something about it every day, and revisit where I am at. And here I am now!