The Real Africa – The Insaturation

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Life is not always good. Sometimes it gets so hard and we can’t find anyone at fault. And we can’t blame ourselves either. But we have to lay the blame on someone or something – right? Maybe it’s the location. That’s why we can’t go to certain places and have a good time.That’s why we don’t have such and such. On we blame.

I had a dream last night. I want it all. I want to visit places. I want to buy stuff. So I study hard, get a good grade, a scholarship, and boom! I’m out there studying with the rest of the world.

Within a few years I’m ready and willing to work out there in the world. I apply for a job, and in two days I get a reply – a positive.

My life starts. No – my life started when I got a scholarship. So now my life is just getting better. I can’t let this go. So I work diligently and ignore any advances made by the boss’ daughter – despite the fact that I have liked her since way before she noticed me. Because I love my job more.

“Employee of the Year Award”, “Best in X Award” and other related awards and promotions hit me year after year. Finally, the boss is comfortable enough to have me around, and he invites me over to dinner some time. Obviously, the daughter is there, and the boss doesn’t seem too disgusted by the fact that I look at her harder than I chew the meal.

Three weeks later we meet again. I fall in love with her, and despite the fact that she wants me to marry her after only six months, I only do so after three years, if only because I have to follow certain unwritten rules and traditions from back home.

Soon we get kids who look just like her – she’s so beautiful – and I’m smiling at her, thinking: I couldn’t have done any better.


Life is about queuing up - you get a scholarship, a job, a wife....

Life is about queuing up – you get a scholarship, a job, a wife….


I wake up.

What an odd dream. Those were desires I had in my preteen years – I’ve moved on now. I’ve accepted the fact that things don’t always go your way, and I’ve stopped trying to find things to blame.

The one I’m with now is dark and light-hearted. She is beautiful. Her hair is long. Her skin is smooth, and thank nature for that frame.

I call her “The Real Africa”, and I’m in love with her. She is a blessing, despite all her flaws.

The Real Africa? I’m not sure an article as short as this one can even come close to telling the complexity of The Real Africa. So I will tell you in a series of posts covering all the different aspects of The Real Africa.

But maybe we should get to know each other first.

I’m from Kenya – that’s in East Africa on the map. I’ve lived in Kenya for the entire 20 years of my life. But while it may be more convenient to write about Kenya, I’d like to tell you about The Real Africa.

I’m from Africa, and too proud to specify on the country. I know I’m African to you – not Kenyan or East African. And that matters. I’ve also learnt to talk about The People (yes, there’s People and there’s The People – something I should probably tell you about) instead of a select group.

So, if I may, I’d like to know if you have been to Africa. I don’t mind which part. Is it to see the seasonal wildebeest migration between the Serengeti and Maasai Mara? Was it to the Table Mountain that makes Cape Town one of the best beach cities? Or did you go to see the mountain Gorillas in Rwanda? The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia? Djmaa el Fna in Morocco is the most exciting town square in the world – is that where you went? Or did you go to Egypt to check out some of the most famous man-made structures on earth, the Pyramids of Giza?


The Real Africa is a magical place that not even a series of articles can cover - Sunset at Lake Naivasha

The Real Africa is a magical place that not even a series of articles can cover – Sunset at Lake Naivasha


Exploring The Real Africa

But The Real Africa is a magical place that not even a series of articles can cover. Photos won’t give you that first-hand experience that a horseback ride will give you, or leave you feeling awestruck when viewing the Southern Cross from Luangwa in Zambia.

I will tell you about all that, and more. Look forward to this series about The Real Africa.