Tracking Systems in Africa that Make Carjacking Almost Impossible

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Have you ever thought of this that after driving all day on a day off, you settle in, to enjoy your favorite movie at a theater, only to come back later to the parking lot and find your car missing? Or waking up one morning to find the car missing from your usual parking space?

All this may sound like your worst nightmare come true, but the fact is, car theft is becoming a rampant business in Kenya. Cars are becoming an essential asset to many households in Kenya. But how can we make sure that these absolutely necessary machines are not lost to the hands of thieves?

Listed by Forbes Magazine as among Top 30 under 30 most promising entrepreneurs in Africa year 2015 and was also voted one of top most entrepreneurial men under 40 in Kenya, the very talented yet humble Kelvin Macharia shares with us how his company’s security system could be the solution to ease the worrying carjacking menace.





Security Beyond Global Positioning System Tracking

Sunrise Tracking was in 2014 featured by CNN African Start-up of the year, As well as by Voice of America for its innovative value addition to vehicle and building security.

It is been a great journey as the Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Tracking, constantly working for betterment in coming up with the best in car theft management and control system. My company deals with innovative security systems both for vehicles and buildings. For instance if someone requires tracking systems in Africa like car alarm systems, CCTV systems, fleet management system, fuel management system and  car tracking system, Sunrise Tracking  makes it sure that all these are delivered to a level of utmost satisfaction as per the requirement of the different clients.

Our services are available in Kenya and some parts of the East African market. Our team at Sunrise Tracking aims at catering to the needs of all kinds of clients. The company currently has more than 500 individual clients and more than a hundred companies are also using our car tracking and fleet management system.

My role in the company is to design Global Positioning System, Global System For Mobile Communications and General Packet Radio Service programs modules. I also create various printed circuit board prototypes and package them into different products which then are installed in the different vehicles as per the requirement.


The Idea – getting back your car might just be a text message away

I started this business because one of my uncle’s cars was carjacked right in front of his house gates. Unfortunately, even with a particular tracking system, he was unable to recover his vehicle. He may be is not the only one who had to face such a crisis situation. This incident and also the increasing numbers of several such kinds of carjacking incidents since the year 2012 motivated me to come up with Sunrise Tracking system.

By doing this, I hope to assist people to secure their assets, like their cars and buildings, which they have taken so much time and effort to save up for.


How exactly this security system works

By installing our fleet management system, the client can access to his or her own account through mobile application and computer in order to see how the vehicle is moving, from what point to the next. It also assist to analyze reports based on trips location, stoppages, driving violations and fuel consumptions. One can also disable the engine remotely via short message service which makes things really convenient rather than having to log on into a computer etc. The vehicle immobilizes immediately when a stop command is sent to the vehicle. It then resumes when a command is sent to mobilize back the car thereafter.

Companies and organizations that run several vehicles many times encounter big challenges in centrally managing the fleet as well as ensuring maximum productivity. Fleet Management is a unique system that reveals the high Standards of vehicle and operational information.

Our fleet management is a friendly and easy-to-use system, which has unique advantages. For an organization wishes to improve its fleet management and needs real-time solutions.

Our fleet management application gives the fleet manager and the employees the flexibility and independence for planning and managing the vehicles fleet, its logistics organization, and the database management.

With our application, you don’t have to be in front of the computer to know what’s going on with your fleets. The manager can define few mobile phones to which the messages will be sent to from the work plans and/or drivers violations.

The system includes unlimited Fleet web access and optional command centre software for corporate clients, giving full vehicle control and operations asset management. It is mainly suitable for Fleet owners who require to simply track the vehicle to know its location from time to time, access the status of vehicle and check the routings done, to know the know where the vehicle stops, durations, listen to communications on board and many other simple but effective features on transportation industry.

We have made this easy using our online tracking platform that allows centralized controlling of the fleet.




The cause of the problem

One of the main reasons for the increased amount of carjacking in Kenya is because of the high numbers of unemployed youth. Unemployment forces this section of the society to engage themselves in such anti-social activities. For these youths carjacking has become the fastest way to get money.

Right now, vehicles in Kenya are no more articles of luxury. They are needed at every walk of life. This the carjacking gangs are taking advantage of the situation. Thus this rising crime is grabbing its place under the sun more eminently as there is the demand for stolen cars because of their affordable second-hand prices.


The future of Sunrise Tracking’s tracking systems in Africa and beyond

I am working hard towards capacity growth and venture into sub-Saharan and other countries. The motto is to penetrate into the labor force market in different parts of the World. Most importantly, I intend to help create jobs for the youths in and around my native region – East Africa.

The ultimate aim behind creating Sunrise Tracking is the hope to help bring down the statistics of the high unemployment rate in Kenya and similar regions that is the major impediment in their all-round development!