How can a foreigner study in South Africa?

You’ll need documentation confirming: provisional acceptance at a university and duration of the course; your guardian in South Africa; recognized medical cover; and proof of sufficient funds to cover fees and living costs.

What are the requirements for a study permit in South Africa?

Study Visas

  • A passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of intended visit.
  • Payment of the prescribed fee.
  • A vaccination certificate, if required by the Act.
  • Proof of financial means to cover envisaged living expenses during the sojourn in the Republic and to also pay for the tuition fees.

How much does a study permit cost in South Africa?

Visa Fees

Category DHA Application Fee VFS Service Fee
Study Visa 425 1350
Premium Lounge (Optional Service) 500
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How long does it take to get a study permit for South Africa?

Study visa processing time

The processing time for a study visa application submitted in South Africa is between 4 and 8 weeks.

Can Zimbabweans study in South Africa?

In the case that Zimbabwe citizens wish to work, live, or study in South Africa, they will be required to complete an application process through the embassy. The eVisa for South Africa can be easily obtained online, but long-term visas will be still managed at the embassy.

How much does a work permit cost in South Africa?

How much does a South African work visa cost? According to the South African Department of Home Affairs applicants can expect to pay about R1520,00 per visa application.

Can foreign students work in South Africa?

Working While Studying

Student visas in South Africa allow students to work while pursuing their studies. However, international students may only work up to a maximum 20 hours per week. The student can work part time till the expiry of the student visa and not after.

How much is a South African passport 2020?

It is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. Time-frame: Takes about 10 days to process. Cost: R140 to process, but you will need to pay an additional R400 to get your proper tourist passport when you return. Time-frame: Normally takes about a week to process.

How long can you stay in South Africa without a visa?

A temporary residence permit allows a foreign national, such as international students, foreign workers and tourists, to legally stay in South Africa for longer than 90 days. If you wish to stay in South Africa for a period of less than 90 days to visit family or as a tourist, you may apply for visitors’ visa.

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How long does it take to get a work permit in South Africa?

How long does processing this visa take? Although the South African department of home affairs are committed to processing an application within 30 days, it is more realistic to expect the visa to be processed within 2 to 3 months from the time of lodgement.

How do I get a South African work permit?

Requirements for general work visa in South Africa

  1. A duly completed application form as per the submitting embassy, consulate or Department of Home Affairs office.
  2. SAQA Application – The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). …
  3. Police Clearance Certificates (for all applicants older than 18 years of age).

How long can a Namibian stay in South Africa?

Presently, citizens of Namibia are able to visit South Africa for up to 90 days without holding any sort of visa. However, this might change once the citizens of Namibia are eligible for the electronic visa. At this time, there are many different types of visas, including tourist visas for longer stays.

Can you study with a work permit in South Africa?

You are not permitted to study on a work visa, and vice versa. You can’t enter the country until you have the valid visa attached to your passport, unless you already have a visa and you want to change it to another one. Permit applications are governed by the Immigration Act, 2002.

How much is a Zimbabwean passport in South Africa 2020?

It costs $53 (R640) for an ordinary passport application, $253 (R3,050) to make an urgent application to get a passport within three days, and $315 (R3,800) to get one within 24 hours. Passport applications have to be done via a Zimbabwean consulate.

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Can I apply for a Zimbabwean passport in South Africa?

A new Zimbabwean passport can be applied at the Zimbabwean consulate in South Africa. There are two Zimbabwean consulates; one in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg and you have to choose the one that is close to you.

Can a Zimbabwean study medicine in South Africa?

Moreover Zimbabwe has stringent entry requirements, demanding three “A” grade passes from Advanced Level subjects to study law and medicine at the UZ, while two Es suffice in most South African institutions to study law.

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