How much is Uganda visa on arrival?

Standard processing – your visa application is processed within 6 Business Days, and the price is USD 86.50 (service fees included). Rush processing – you will receive your visa within 4 Business Days, and the total price of it is USD 116.50 (service fees included).

How much does a Uganda visa cost?

Visas and Passes

Category/description of visa Cost
Multiple entry visa 24 months US$ 150
Multiple entry visa 36 months US$ 200
Students (Entry Visa for students who are not nationals of East African Cooperation.) US$ 100
East African Tourist Visa (Three months Multiple Entry for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) US$ 100

Can you get a visa at Entebbe Airport?

While there are multiple ways of getting a visa for Uganda, online or at an embassy, one thing that you need to know for sure is that Uganda visas are no longer obtainable at the Entebbe International Airport. … However, the Ugandan government decided to replace the visa on arrival with the electronic visa.

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Can you go to Uganda without a visa?

Visitors to Uganda must obtain a visa on arrival to Uganda or from one of the Ugandan diplomatic missions, unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

How much do I need to travel to Uganda?

You should plan to spend around USh178,996 ($51) per day on your vacation in Uganda, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, USh20,712 ($5.86) on meals for one day and USh7,500 ($2.12) on local transportation.

Can I get a Uganda visa on arrival?

Yes, visitors to Uganda may receive a visa on arrival. Visitors to Uganda also have the option to complete the online application to receive an Uganda eVisa now.

How long can foreigners stay in Uganda?

Visitors with this Uganda Tourist eVisa can stay in Uganda for a maximum of 45 days in Total.

Can I get visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival means that travellers must obtain a visa in order to enter the destination country, but it can be obtained upon arrival. Visitors do not need to apply for a travel visa beforehand. Visa required means that travellers must apply for a visa to the country before actually travelling there.

How long does it take to get a Uganda visa?

Standard processing time – your application is processed within 6 Business Days, and the visa cost is USD 86.50. Rush processing time – you will receive your visa within 4 Business Days, and you must pay USD 116.50.

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Is it safe to visit Uganda?

Safety and Security

Uganda is a very safe country, but opportunistic crimes such as petty theft, credit card fraud, and home robbery do occur – just like any other country. Chances of being a victim are rare, and incidences would most probably be in cities like Kampala.

Which countries can visit Uganda without visa?

List of Visa Free Countries for Uganda Passport holders:

  • Antigua and Barbuda: visa-free/180 days.
  • Bahamas: visa-free/90 days.
  • Barbados: visa-free/180 days.
  • Belize: visa-free.
  • Benin: visa-free/90 days.
  • Bolivia: visa on arrival / eVisa/90 days.
  • Botswana: visa-free/90 days.
  • Burundi: visa-free/90 days.


Where do I get a visa for Uganda?

You can either apply through the e-Visa system ( or via the nearest Ugandan embassy or high commission.

What is required to visit Uganda?

Do I Need a Visa or Passport for Uganda? American travelers to Uganda must have a valid passport and visa for entry. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is also required.

How much is a can of Coke in Uganda?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 480$ (1,690,275USh) without rent.

Cost of Living in Uganda.

Restaurants Edit
Cappuccino (regular) 7,852.94USh
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 1,500.00USh
Water (12 oz small bottle) 1,100.00USh
Markets Edit

How much cash can I bring into Uganda?

Currency Import regulations

Residents may import up to UGX 20,000,000 (Uganda Shilling-UGX) to cover expenses upon re-entry into Uganda. Foreign currencies exceeding USD 10,000 must be declared. Non-residents may import local and foreign currencies without restrictions but amounts exceeding USD 10,000 must be declared.

When should I go to Uganda?

The best time to visit Uganda is during its two dry seasons: between December and February, and between June and August, when conditions are particularly good for trekking to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Game spotting in national parks is also good at this time, as well as between February and March.

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