Quick Answer: How much is a tourist visa for Zimbabwe?

You can expect to pay USD $30 for a 30-day/single-entry visa, USD $45 for a 45-day/double entry visa or USD $160 for a 12 month/ multiple-entry visa. Extensions of the 30-day and 45-day visas are possible, and require visiting the Zimbabwe Immigration Office’s public window.

How do I get a visa for Zimbabwe?

  1. Check the Validity of Your Passport. …
  2. Complete the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160. …
  3. Collect any Supporting Documentation. …
  4. Schedule an Interview Appointment. …
  5. Submit Your Passport and Visa Application Forms. …
  6. Pay the MRV Fee. …
  7. Interview for your visa with the Consular Officer. …
  8. Pay the Visa Issuance Fee.

How much does it cost to travel to Zimbabwe?

783 USD – a budget travel for 7 days in Zimbabwe. 1,300 USD for a one week of comfortable stay in Zimbabwe. 3,100 USD for a week of luxury holidays in Zimbabwe.

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Do I need visa to travel to Zimbabwe?

Yes, all travelers need a visa for entry to Zimbabwe. Visas are issued on arrival (VoA) at the respective point of entry and vary in length depending on the need of the traveler. All travelers must obtain visas at the port of entry as currently there is not an option of obtaining a visa through the Zimbabwean Embassy.

Do I need a visa for Victoria Falls?

US Citizens do require a visa (Category B) however you will be granted the visa at the port of entry (border post on your day of arrival). There is no need to arrange the visa prior to arrival as you will be able to purchase one at the border post between Zambia & Zimbabwe during the Immigration Procedure.

Can I apply for Zimbabwe visa online?

To apply for an online visa for Zimbabwe, applicants need only fill out a simple electronic form with basic personal, passport, and travel details, upload some supporting documentation and pay an eVisa fee. Once approved, the applicant will receive their Zimbabwe eVisa sent by email.

How long does it take to get a visa to Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe e-Visas take up to 6 Business Days (Monday to Friday) to be issued. You need to apply for your e-Visa at least 3 weeks before your travel date. A proof of accommodation is required to obtain the travel document.

How much is a Coke in Zimbabwe?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 620$ without rent. Cost of living in Zimbabwe is, on average, 32.89% lower than in United States.

Cost of Living in Zimbabwe.

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Restaurants Edit
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 0.77$
Water (12 oz small bottle) 0.71$
Markets Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 6.20$

How much is a Big Mac in Zimbabwe?


Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district $15
Combo meal in fast food restaurant (big mac meal or similar) $8
500 gr (1 lb.) of boneless chicken breast $5.24
1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk $1.10

How long is a flight to Zimbabwe?

Flights from London to Zimbabwe: 14 hours 05 minutes. Flights from Manchester to Zimbabwe: 14 hours 55 minutes. Flights from Birmingham to Zimbabwe: 14 hours 50 minutes. Flights from Glasgow to Zimbabwe: 15 hours 35 minutes.

Can a foreigner buy property in Zimbabwe?

Property ownership laws make it is perfectly legal for foreigners to own a house in Zimbabwe providing the funds are brought in from an external account to pay for it. On disposal, it is easy to get approval to externalise the proceeds of a sale.

Is Cameroon visa free to Zimbabwe?

Entry Requirements. Citizens of Cameroon can visit Zimbabwe by obtaining an electronic visa for a stay duration of 90 days. Cameroonian passports must be valid for the duration of stay in Zimbabwe. Visitors are required to provide at least two blank pages of their passport for visa stamps.

What do I need to know about traveling to Zimbabwe?

Guests visiting Zimbabwe must be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Passports should have two blank pages available. Visitors who intend travelling to Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries and back are advised to apply for multiple entry visas.

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Which side of Victoria Falls is better?

The Victoria Falls town was also built with the tourist in mind so it made the most sense for tourists to base themselves here. When it came to the lookouts and walkways within the park, we’ve found that the Zimbabwe side had the lion’s share of the frontal viewpoints of the waterfall.

What airport do you fly into for Victoria Falls?

The Victoria Falls International Airport (VFA) is 11 miles south of the city and the Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (LVI) is located three miles north of the city across the border with Zambia. If you land at the Victoria Falls Airport, you can get to town by taking a shuttle or a taxi.

What is the best time of year to visit Victoria Falls?

Late Dry Season / Low Water Season (September-November)

Between September and April, you can expect hot weather around Victoria Falls. The low water season between September and November is the ideal time to visit if you want to experience the falls on the Zimbabwe side and have visibility of the geological formations.

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