Quick Answer: How much is Finland visa fee in Nigeria?

EURO Naira
Residence permit (i.e. Spouse,Internship, Au-Pair) 520 217,800
Residence Permit for children (Under 18 years old) 270 111,200
Residence Permit for Students (degree or exchange) 450 162,200

How do I apply for Finland visa from Nigeria?


  1. Prepare your application and supporting documents: Go to “Schengen visas” link on this website to read more about visa types. …
  2. Book an appointment to visit Visa Application Centre: …
  3. Submit your visa application: …
  4. Pay fees. …
  5. Submit biometric data:

How much is Schengen visa fee in Nigeria?

Permits for entry and residence

Service Price (€) Price (NGN)
Schengen visa 80 NGN31,300
Visa fee for children 6-11 years 40 NGN15,600

Do Nigerians need visa Finland?

Countries that don’t have a free-travel agreement with the Schengen area must apply for a Schengen Visa. In this case, Nigeria is among those countries. For this reason, citizens of Nigeria need a Schengen Visa to enter Finland. … Afterward, you must go through an interview at the Finland embassy.

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Does Finland have embassy in Nigeria?

Embassy of Finland, Abuja.

How much is ticket from Nigeria to Finland?

Indirect flights from Abuja (ABV) to Helsinki Vantaa (HEL), Finland

Cheapest found flights Price Operated by
Abuja (ABV) — Helsinki Vantaa (HEL), Finland 886 USD British Airways
Helsinki Vantaa (HEL) — Abuja (ABV) (round trip) British Airways

Is Finland Visa easy to get?

Finland. The Northern European country of Finland, despite the high number of visa applications it receives annually, remains an easy Schengen country to get a visa from. Rejecting only 1.7% of the applications its consulates abroad received, you have high chances to get a Schengen Visa to Finland.

How much money do I need to show in my bank account for Schengen visa?

Bank statement – this needs to show a minimum balance of €3000 over the last 6 months. If you do not have this amount in your bank, you could show a family member’s/guardian’s statement instead, with an accompanying letter stating that they are sponsoring your travel and stay.

Which Schengen visa is easy to get in Nigeria?

Many surveys show that Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, and Poland are the easiest Schengen visa to get in Nigeria.

Is it easy to get Netherlands visa?

You are eligible for getting a Schengen Netherlands Visa if you have a valid passport of your home country. You will need to furnish proof of accommodation, journey details and proof of sufficient funds to cover your entire trip to the Netherlands.

Can I travel to Finland from Nigeria?

Finland Visa Application Centre in Nigeria accepts applications for short stay visas only. A passport should be valid for at least three (3) months beyond the intended stay in Finland and there should be at least two (2) empty pages available in the passport.

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How can I move to Finland from Nigeria?

Applying – you have two choices:

  1. Applying at Enter Finland e-service. Fill in your residence permit application at Enter Finland. …
  2. Applying with paper application. Select the appropriate residence permit category on website of The Finnish Immigration Service.

Does Finland allow immigrants?

Immigration to Finland is the process by which people migrate to Finland to reside in the country. Some, but not all, become Finnish citizens. … As of 2018, there are 402,600 foreigners residing in Finland, which corresponds to 7.3% of the population.

What jobs are in demand in Finland?

Have a look at the top 3 jobs by demand in Finland:

  • Software engineering. In the European tech sector currently, the most in-demand workers are software engineers. …
  • Nursing. The demand for nurses is constantly growing. …
  • Early childhood educators. …
  • 5 surprises as an American coming to study in Finland.


How long does it take to process Finland visa?

Expect a processing time of 10 working days after the interview at the Finland embassy. However, the processing time could extend to more days if the immigration authorities find it necessary. It’s time to start the Schengen Visa process!

What are the requirements for Finland visa?

Your passport must have at least two blank pages. A copy of your return-ticket reservation. It is not recommended to purchase the ticket before obtaining the visa – if not otherwise required. Travel medical visa insurance confirmation of minimum 30,000 € coverage within Finland and the entire Schengen area.

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