Which airline goes from Lagos to Cotonou?

Aerial distance 105 KM
Total flights from Lagos to Cotonou in a week 4 flights
First Flight Kenya Airways 542 , departs at 11:10 AM
Last Flight Swiftair 380 , departs at 12:15 PM
Popular Airlines from Lagos to Cotonou Kenya Airways and Swiftair

How much is flight from Lagos to Cotonou?

Cheap Flights from Lagos (LOS) to Cotonou (COO) from $411.

How do I get from Lagos to Cotonou?

The quickest way to get from Cotonou to Lagos is to bus which costs $10 – $14 and takes 2h 23m. How far is it from Cotonou to Lagos? The distance between Cotonou and Lagos is 108 km. The road distance is 117.2 km.

How many hours drive from Lagos to Cotonou?

How long is the drive from Lagos, Nigeria to Cotonou, Benin? The total driving time is 3 hours, 21 minutes.

Does Cotonou have airport?

Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport (IATA: COO, ICAO: DBBB) is an airport in the Cadjehoun neighborhood of Cotonou, the largest city in Benin, in West Africa.

Cadjehoun Airport.

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Cardinal Bernadin Gantin International Airport Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport
Serves Cotonou and Porto-Novo, Benin
Hub for Rwandair

Do you need passport for Cotonou?

Travelers to Benin must present a valid passport and visa to enter the country. Visas are not available upon entry at the airport or at any land or sea arrival point.

Is there a flight from Nigeria to Cotonou?

Between Lagos and Cotonou, 2 airlines are operational. In a week, around 4 flights travel from Lagos to Cotonou. The travel duration between these cities in a non-stop flight is usually around 00h 40m. Lagos to Cotonou flights will cost you a minimum of 0.

How much is bus from Lagos to Cotonou?

The quickest way to get from Lagos to Cotonou is to bus which costs $11 – $15 and takes 2h 26m.

How much is ABC transport from Lagos to Cotonou?

Lagos terminal prices: ABC Transport from Lagos to Ghana price and others

ABC Transport from Lagos terminals price list
Lagos (Ajah) to Umuahia ₦ 7,000
Lagos to Ghana (Accra) ₦ 13,950
Lagos to Lome ₦ 13,750
Lagos to Cotonou ₦ 10,250

How many hours is Cotonou to Nigeria?

3 hours, 21 minutes

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How long is Lagos to Cotonou?

Distance between Lagos and Cotonou is 108 kilometers (67 miles). Driving distance from Lagos to Cotonou is 120 kilometers (75 miles).

Estimated Travel Time Between Lagos and Cotonou.

Average Speed Travel Time
60 mph (97 km/h) 01 hours 14 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h) 01 hours 04 minutes
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How much is ABC transport from Lagos to Ghana?

Lagos to Ghana by road prices from best transport companies

Bus prices for Lagos to Accra (Ghana)
Transport Company Bus price
ABC Transport ₦16,000 – ₦18,000
Chisco Transport ₦14,000 – ₦16,000
Efex Executive Transport ₦15,000 – ₦19,000

What is the distance from Lagos to Cotonou?

Distance from Lagos to Cotonou is 108 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 67 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Lagos and Cotonou is 108 km= 67 miles.

Which country is Cotonou?

Cotonou, port city and de facto capital of Benin. It is situated along the Gulf of Guinea.

Do I need a visa to visit Benin?

US citizens must have a visa to travel to Benin, and your passport should have 6 months’ validity remaining after your planned departure date. US citizens traveling to Benin may apply for a visa that is valid for 3 years and permits multiple entries into the country.

How many airport do we have in Nigeria?

Nigeria has 32 airports and 26 of the airports are operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria. (FAAN), five of which are functional international airports.

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